How to Build Your Company’s Digital Foundation

Foundation is defined as the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically at ground level, or an underlying principle. If you are a home improvement professional, would you agree that a foundation is the most important part of any home? Without a healthy foundation, there would be no roof, windows, doors, siding, etc. to fix or remodel. Any foundation issues of a home can affect its value and can compromise the integrity of the home. It is the first part of the construction process and the most important too.

Starting From the Ground Up…Again?

Building a digital foundation for your business may sound scary at first, but like the foundation of the homes you work on, it is essential and should be your primary focus while building a digital and profitable business in 2021 and beyond.  

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Why do you need a strong digital foundation?

A strong digital foundation helps you transform your current business to deliver a customer experience that is composed of technology to help you connect data, people, processes, fill unseen gaps, reduce project errors, and seamlessly flow data from one means to the next. But what if you have been in business for decades? How do you transform your company to a digital process? 

Build a Solid Digital Foundation with Leap 

Leap helps you build a digital foundation of dynamic contracts, estimates, data entry, payment options, communication, transparency, and customer experience. #digitaltransformation  

Powerful Personalization – Work with your dedicated account manager and onboarding rep to help you to integrate your digital contracts and estimates with Leap. Personalize all materials with your logo and branding. Don’t have time? We have experts trained to give you a hand with any projects you need.  

Unified Technology – Leap provides digital contracting and estimating software that empowers home services companies to go paperless and cut manual processes. Leap unifies your estimates, contracts, proposals, CRM, financing, payment capture, business brochures, analytics, and other integrations in one unified place to make doing business easier.  

A Tool for Transparency – Homeowners want to hire contractors who do quality work, are trustworthy, and feel like they won’t get ripped off. When you show your homeowner Leap on your iPad, you instantly stand out because you offer a digital experience your competitor doesn’t. You can be completely transparent about price and the experience they will receive.

The Framework for Digital Transformation

Once you have a strong foundation, the next step in the construction process is building the framework, the supporting structure of the home. The importance of frameworks is giving your crews and teams members the ability to focus on their unique jobs within the scope of the home project.  

Leap gives each user within your company the ability to use it for their specific job functions. Marketing can update materials in real-time, production can capture photos of the home and save and edit them within Leap, and sales reps in the field can give the homeowner pricing options and capture payment at the kitchen table with the swipe of a finger.  

Drive Value & Increase Revenue 

Leap gives your business a strong foundation and efficient framework to drive value for homeowners and increase revenue. Leap is the #1 Digital Sales Platform for Contractors. We offer subscription-based cloud software that integrates everything in one place, eliminating the redundancy and errors that slow down your sales processes.​  

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