Modernize Overview

With over 15 years in the home improvement space, Modernize continues to facilitate over 2 million completed home improvement projects each year. Connecting homeowners to contractors, Modernize is the market leader in residential lead generation. To learn more about what Modernize has to offer, visit them here!  

Why We Partnered


  • Reputation – Modernize is widely regarded as being a true marketing partner throughout the home improvement industry​
  • Customers (homeowners and contractors) asked for them by name!
  • Customer-focused – they create products focused on serving the needs of both homeowners and contractors​
  • They are tech-forward and want to help improve conversions throughout the lead funnel!


  • Leap supercharges key pieces of the contractors’ sales process, including estimates, proposal, financing and contracts. 
  • Streamlining these functions allows Modernize customers to close more deals in the home, making Modernize’s products even more valuable (Lower CPA, higher ROI). 
  • Leap is an industry leader serving Modernize’s core four trades, which provides us with great exposure to our target customers. 

Benefits to You

Expand Your Pipline
Expand Your Pipline

Modernize is the largest private residential lead generation service in the US and can accelerate your solar, roofing, HVAC or windows sales like no one else.

Sell More Effectively
Sell More Effectively

Modernize contractors are matched in real-time with opt-in homeowners actively searching for local contractors to get the job done.  Our Data Feedback Loop™ gives you insight in to how to close those leads. 

Grow Strategically
Grow Strategically

Modernize partner contractors are provided with dedicated 1-on-1 account managers who ensure our marketing plan matches your operational and financial goals and abilities.

“We aren’t just in the business of lead generation. We’re in the business of understanding the entire homeowner selection process and matching that to the needs of our Modernize partners.”

Jason Polka – CEO at Modernize