April 28, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] Taking a Leap to Modernize Your Marketing (With Modernize)

Why is it important to market now?

There is demand! If people are skeptical or concerned that homeowners are holding up in their houses to wait and see, I’m sure there is some of that, but there is definitely still a lot of demand out there. There is still a lot of opportunity, and opportunity to gain market share as well. Not everyone is still out there because some companies are sitting tight and waiting for this to blow over. Others are going full speed ahead and being cautious, aggressive but realistic in their approach. If you’re in there, there is a lot of opportunity to gain market share.

– Michelle Doischen, VP of Marketing at Nu Look Home Design

If you weren’t able to catch this expert panel, check out why it’s more important than ever to continue marketing!


  • Strategies and tactics to tactfully market to homeowners during shelter-in-place
  • Why marketing now is important for building your future homeowner pipeline
  • How you shift this exceptional time into an opportunity to expand your business
  • How technology and tools like Modernize and Leap help you with the new normal
  • And much more!


Chris Pallatroni
Co-Founder @ Modernize
Taylor Engstrom
Partner Marketing Manager @ Modernize
Thomas Basch
Strategic Partnerships Manager @ Leap
Michelle Doischen
VP of Marketing @ Nu Look Home Design

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