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Powerful Visibility in Your Business Starts With You

Are you still generating estimates and contracts in spreadsheets? Are your sales reps living in spreadsheet hell? Do you feel separated from what your team is presenting to homeowners and

By Danielle Basch

Do You Have the Magnet Effect?

Jim Johnson will walk you through the leadership challenge, highlighting the key steps to becoming a magnetic leader. Learn how to utilize the leadership wheel of connections, and the importance

By Madelyn Wightman

A Solar Strategy to Cultivate Your Business

Did you know that adding solar is one of the easiest ways to increase cash flow for your business? Learn how industry expert, Kimba Garcia, owner of RKG Roofing &

By Madelyn Wightman

Stronger Sales Systems with Digital Signatures

Propel Business Growth & Align with Today’s Buying Behaviors Leap’s Product Knowledge expert, Veronica Bouchard, talks about why asking customers to sign digitally carries more value than signing in person.

By Ashish Sanal

9 Inspiring & Consistent Takeaways from IRE  

What’s On Every Roofing Contractor’s Mind Going into Spring Tradeshow season is slowing down and contractors in the industry are looking to take what they have learned during the slower

By Danielle Basch