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The 10 Digital Must-Haves For Contractors

Watch on-demand as Steve talks us through ten digital must-haves for contractors to stand out among the rest.   “Where is your ladder?” is a question Steve Stencil, Founder of Leap, used to

By Chris Stahl

Leap on Nasdaq TradeTalks

While the US economy shrank by 3.5% in 2020, spending on home improvement projects grew more than 3% to more than $420 billion. Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap, joins Jill

By Chris Stahl

Turn Your Sales Team into Trusted Advisors

Make your sales team trusted advisors using the tips below Perfect the Process Evaluate and upgrade your sales process to ensure you are running effectively and efficiently. TIP: Do this

By Chris Stahl

Material Shortages…How do I explain them to my customers?

Watch this snapshot presentation, brought to you by Leap and JobNimbus, 9 Latest Ways to Shorten Backlog & Get Your Customers Happy delivered by John Kenney, Author and CEO of Cotney Consulting.  An overwhelming majority of

By Liz Johnson