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Color Me Surprised! Home design trends in 2021.

Homeowners care most about the project budget and product quality. Since covid, working from home and remote learning have become commonplace. Many homeowners find themselves being much pickier on design.

By Liz Johnson

Update to Latest iOS Version

It is exciting to see the new Apple iOS updates, and at Leap we leverage new iOS features to help optimize our software and improve the user experience. If you are still using iOS 12 (or earlier) we recommend that you update to iOS 13 or the latest version. Our upgrade

By Chris Stahl

You have data. But are you using it?

Contractors are inadvertently collecting a plethora of data every day through their CRM systems, marketing platforms, canvasing, and appointments. But how much data collected goes unused? Why not leverage your

By Liz Johnson

[Watch Now] Integrate to Engage: Become a 4-Hour Contractor

On this webinar, Tech Expert Steve Stencil highlights typical key software systems that contractors use throughout the sales and production process to become efficient and error-free 4-Hour Contractors. Viewers will

By Liz Johnson