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The Right Tool for the Job

Does anybody understand the value of a good tool better than a contractor? Merriam-Webster dictionary says a tool is a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task. Maybe that definition is a little too narrow; a table saw certainly isn’t handheld, but I think in general the definition is accurate. Contractors use many tools,

By Troy Winskowicz

Boost Conversions with Lead Management Automation for Contractors

Managing leads more effectively has become a major focus for contractors in the home improvement industry. In fact, many businesses are turning to lead management automation to become more efficient and improve conversion rates. Is your business struggling to handle leads in a timely manner? Are you losing out on potential revenue due to organization

By Corey Mann

What is the Most Common Home Improvement Contract Agreement?

Each home improvement contract agreement is a vital step in the sales process for contractors. However, it’s common for businesses to have incomplete contracts that are missing key elements. This can cause a disconnect with homeowners, lead to problems with each job, and cost your company money in the long run. Let’s look at the

By Corey Mann

Leap Ranks on the Inc. Regional List for Third Straight Year

Leap is proud to announce that we have made the Inc. Mid-Atlantic Region’s fastest-growing companies list for a third consecutive year! This recognition is a testament to the home improvement industry’s commitment to adopting new technology and providing a better, more professional experience for homeowners across the country. No. 97 on Inc. Mid-Atlantic Region of

By Corey Mann

Speed to Lead for Home Improvement Contractors

Speed to lead is often overlooked by contractors and other professionals working in home improvement services. However, a winning strategy for converting leads into customers can help you scale your business. It’s important to have the right procedures in place to ensure you are maximizing every lead that comes in. Therefore, let’s learn more about this

By Corey Mann

How to Generate Leads for Home Improvement Businesses

It’s so important to learn how to generate leads for home improvement businesses today. In fact, lead generation is often the cornerstone to success in the industry. It’s also an opportunity to build trust with homeowners before they ever make a phone call or fill out a form. At Leap, we sat down with renowned

By Corey Mann

What Should a Window Replacement Contract Include?

A window replacement contract must include many important details to ensure a homeowner can trust your work and your business. Overall, the contract should provide clarity to your customers about every aspect of the job. This will not only help you build reputation in your community, but also help you close more deals and schedule

By Corey Mann

Investing in Software for Remodeling Contractors

New software for remodeling contractors is changing the landscape of the home improvement industry. In fact, most contractors are turning to new technology and sales automation to give their business more structure. In addition, they’re driving higher margins and selling more jobs than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at the state of home

By Corey Mann

Build Your Roofing Sales Training with Software

Roofing sales training is the most powerful way to build a winning culture within your roofing business. However, many contractors struggle to build a consistent training process. Without proper training and operations in place, your sales reps are more likely to commit common sales errors when working with homeowners. This will cut into your margins,

By Corey Mann

Window Sales Software: Build A Winning Sales Strategy

The windows and doors industry is in a much different place than it was a year ago. In fact, many businesses are transitioning to window sales software to become more efficient and close more jobs. Some expectations suggest the industry is on course for a slower period, but most analysts believe it will post a

By Corey Mann

The Foundation for Recession-Proof Home Improvement Sales

Home improvement sales have been through the roof over the past few years. Across the country, homeowners are spending money maintaining or remodeling their homes instead of buying new houses. This trend is due to a variety of factors. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a movement towards house projects and renovations. And now, the current

By Corey Mann