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[Video] How to Rapidly Scale Your Marketing

The post lockdown comeback is strong and instead of a gradual increase in business, many home improvement contractors are seeing high demand from homeowners for home improvement jobs. There is a

By Kelley Quader

Document Your Home Improvement Jobs

Using Digital Photo Tools For A Better Customer Experience Just like Leap, CompanyCam is a solution created for contractors, by contractors. When you pair Leap’s digital sales process with CompanyCam’s

By Kelley Quader

Leap Joins the RoofersCoffeeShop Community

Leap is proud to announce our partnership with the RoofersCoffeeShop! RoofersCoffeeShop.com was established in 2002 by Vickie Sharples, with a little help from her friend Heidi Ellsworth. It was a

By Kelley Quader

[Video] 6 Ways Tech Helps Save Time In Your Sales Process

Without technology, a sales call can get complicated and time-consuming. If you are in any home improvement vertical and have multiple products, your salespeople may be struggling with multiple contracts,

By Kelley Quader