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Stand Out From The Crowd: Differentiate Using Technology

What defines a successful contractor? Contractor differentiation is becoming increasingly important for long-term survival in markets that are flush with competition. The difference in getting the work often hinges on

By Chris Stahl

Creating a Great Homeowner Experience!

Today’s homeowners are savvy and empowered. They expect instant, personalized experience and know that they have options. So how can you make sure you’re giving them experiences that will keep

By Kelley Quader

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson | Post COVID

Remodeling Mastery · Post COVID A podcast intended to help you think about your business and where you’re heading. Remodeling mastery is a podcast series by Author, Speaker, and Advisor,

By Chris Stahl

See How Easy it is to Connect Your CRM to Leap

With competition at an all-time high, technologies that partner and integrate with one another allow you to enhance and differentiate your services from the competition. Seamlessly pushing contact and appointment

By Chris Stahl