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Stronger Sales Systems with Digital Signatures

Propel Business Growth & Align with Today’s Buying Behaviors Leap’s Product Knowledge expert, Veronica Bouchard, talks about why asking customers to sign digitally carries more value than signing in person.

By Ashish Sanal

9 Inspiring & Consistent Takeaways from IRE  

What’s On Every Roofing Contractor’s Mind Going into Spring Tradeshow season is slowing down and contractors in the industry are looking to take what they have learned during the slower

By Danielle Basch

How to leave a legacy and trust the process

Hear how Beldon Roofing built, maintained and paved the path for their company success by Making sure you’re doing the next best thing – “Get with it or get out”Facing

By Ashish Sanal

The Perfect Match to Your CRM

Build a Faster, Stronger, & More Profitable System   Home services companies are, at their heart, a very traditional and transactional business. Contractors are consistently collecting customer data every day through

By Danielle Basch

How Financing Can Help You Close More Sales

Hear from Stephen Dewey, Regional Sales Manager of Home Improvement at Sunlight Financial about: How Financing Benefits Your BusinessIncreasing Approvals with Full-Spectrum LendingIncentivizing Sales Reps with Rewards Meet the Speaker

By Ashish Sanal