Conversion Rates, Cancellations, and Leads with Caleb Nelson

Season 2 : Episode 1 – Conversion Rates, Cancellations, and Leads 

On this episode, I’m joined by Caleb Nelson, President, and founder of Destination Motivation. Caleb and his team work with 23 of the 30 largest contractors in North America, implementing systems and structures that generate predictable results. From decreasing cancellation requests to increasing conversion rates, Destination Motivation is bringing immense value to their clients. Listen as Caleb shares how these companies leverage their solution, and the advice he has for others. 

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The Guest Speaker

For the last 10 years, Caleb has been a noteworthy leader and influencer in the home improvement & home service industries. He works with 23 out of the top 30 largest contractors in North America, implementing systems and structures that guarantee predictable results. Caleb’s passion for sales and marketing strategy came from a very early age in his childhood; “If I wanted something as a kid, my parents would tell me to go earn money to build it or buy it. Needless to say, I had to get real creative.” Caleb grew up and lives in Southern California with his wife Gail and 2-year-old son Hunter. He enjoys surfing, snowboarding and above all traveling. 

Our Host

Thomas Basch, Head of Customer Experience at Leap. Starting in this industry 20 years ago, Tom never realized what went into making a home-improvement business successful. Now, having met with thousands of contractors, helping adopt technology, and watching them grow, he’s excited to invite in a variety of guests

Thomas Basch, Leap's Head of Customer Experience

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