Brian Gottlieb: Leap Allows Our Sales Presentations to be Delivered With Excellence and Consistency!

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Brian Gottlieb, Founder and CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements and Renewal by Andersen of Greater Wisconsin, is an inspirational business owner with nearly four decades of experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and business leadership. Here’s what he had to say about how he has seen success over the years with Leap.  

Embracing a Platform & Technology Like Leap

I don’t know that we could have done what we’re doing virtually without Leap as a partner. The platform allows for our sales presentation to be delivered with excellence and consistency. My growth advice to owners is to build a business model you can replicate. I don’t know how you get there without embracing a platform and technology like what’s offered with Leap.

How Technology has Provided a Competitive Edge

Technology, performance. That’s how you build value for the customer. When a customer visits our website, and they say, Oh my gosh, it’s easy to navigate. It’s clear, it’s exciting. It’s engaging, it’s beautiful. It sets us apart from everybody else. And it already starts the journey of building value. Socius does our website they do a terrific job. We’re always getting great compliments on our website, easy to navigate, and by the way, it performs.

What I as a CEO want is I want to deliver excellence with consistency. I want to constantly deliver excellence with consistency. And what a tool like Leap does, as an example from a technology standpoint, it allows our entire sales presentation to be delivered with excellence and consistency!

How to Ensure Your Business is Here for the Next 20 Years

If you want to be around for 20 years from now, you have to be very, very customer-focused. As long as you understand that, stay close to the people that are closest to the customer. The other thing to know is that as a company grows and as you add layers to your org chart, you might have an executive leadership team and they get well developed from your CEO. You might have some frontline people yourself. Salespeople, your marketing people, and they’re scripted like crazy. The people that get neglected are the middle managers, those people managing the people closest to the customer. So you want to make sure that if you want to be relevant 20 years from now, you’re developing the people properly. And you’re always listening to your customer!

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Meet the Speaker:

Brian Gottlieb
Founder & CEO of
Tundraland Home Improvements

Brian Gottlieb, Founder and C.E.O. of Tundraland Home Improvements and Renewal by Andersen of Greater Wisconsin, is an inspirational business owner with nearly four decades of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and business leadership.

His innovative approach to community-conscious business have not gone unnoticed, as Tundraland has been named the number one best place in Wisconsin to work. In addition to Brian being a Guinness World Record holder, the USA Today’s news network named him “Entrepreneur of the Year”. He was also named “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Business Person of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce.

Gottlieb’s goal as a business owner is to create something more than just a home improvement company; the real goal is to create a brand that’s woven into the fabric of a community.

Brian Gottlieb continues to invest in his professional growth. After several years of continued education, he recently became an Alumni of Harvard Business School.

Brian’s Mantra

“When we look inside ourselves to find out who are we, who are we really, and we apply those principles, that’s when nobody can compete with us and that’s how we built an enormous business.”

Brian Gottlieb

About Leap

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