Leap Customer Testimonial: Upping The Game at RetroFoam

Stacey Barlow

“Hi, my name is Stacy. I am the Sales and Marketing Accounts Manager here at RetroFoam of Michigan. Since coming on with leap, we have really upped our game in the field, and our industry in fact. Our project managers are more professional, they’ve built more trust with our customers. The contracts are clear and we’ve reduced countless errors. That is huge! We’ve saved a lot of time in process improvements for our sales team and for our office. For that, I would really like to thank those of you that I worked with closely to get Leap, my baby, into motion.

Matt, Chris, Alex, and Jaime. I really could not have done it without you and I really appreciate you all. Have a happy Leap Day and have an amazing weekend. Thank you!”

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Leap is transforming the home services industry as the first complete point-of-sale application, digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting and real-time communication. Created by seasoned home services professionals, Leap’s application helps businesses eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating the day-to-day sales process.

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