[Video] The Basement Doctor: 6 Ways Leap Transformed Our Sales Process!

Over the past 3 years, Leap has been a big part of the way The Basement Doctor does business. Nearly all stages of their business have dramatically changed for the better, due to increases in efficiency and process improvements! Ryan will be touching on 6 points of how Leap has changed The Basement Doctor and allowed them to grow at an exponential rate.

1. Reduce Time Spent on Paperwork by 70%

With Leap, you only have to enter the information once, it only pulls the contracts and warranties you need and compiles all the information into one contract automatically. That dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on filling out, reviewing, and signing paperwork. This is valuable time that can be spent somewhere else. Say your paperwork time is 2 hours and you cut that down to 30 minutes, over a week you would save so many hours, especially if you have 20 or more reps out in the field. This is time that could be spent at other appointments!

2. Use One Contract For Multiple Services

You have to take the Leap. You have to say you’re tired of filling out all of the paperwork and you’re going to take the time to upload your price list and go through the onboarding. The way Leap does it is they pair you up with your own Account Manager and they help you through the process. Leap also has webinars, YouTube videos, and all manner of things to help you go from uploading your price list, to designing your contract, to verbiage. It is going to be a little bit of work upfront, but the pay-off is unimaginable…it will change your business.

3. Reduce Errors by Pre-Filling Data

Everyone out in the field has had a brain fart, misspelled something, or that customer is talking to you while you’re doing paperwork and you don’t add something up right. Then you hand your paperwork into your production manager and he hands it back and tells you to go fix it. Now you’re taking time that can be used to see a new customer, to call the old customer and tell them that you made a mistake and need to come back. None of us are perfect and mistakes are going to happen. With Leap you don’t have to worry about the address, name, phone number, it’s already in there. Leap does the math for you too. Anything you want Leap to calculate: discounts, commissions, anything you want it to calculate it will handle.

4. Elevate Your Professionalism

If you’re a 1 man operation or like us with 120 people, you see the same Leap, and you can look as professional as anyone else in the industry. Time and time again we get homeowners saying the paperwork was easier, it’s gone faster than any other time I hired someone to come work on my house, and it looks professional. Leap sets you apart.

5. Provide a Secure Digital Payment Method

You’re not supposed to write people’s credit card numbers down or their routing numbers for their checks, but what was the better way?! It’s happened to everyone, where you’ve misplaced the credit card information or check, and that’s a great way to lose the job. If a customer can’t trust you with their credit card information then how are they supposed to trust you with their house?

Leap’s secure payment capture method can take credit cards or checks, and it’s super encrypted and doesn’t show the credit card number. This is going to help you sell deals because customers are going to want this level of security.

6. Ensure Consistency

Your price list is uploaded to Leap and makes sure that your pricing is consistent for every single job. This will not only make you look good to the community but it can also save you a lot of trouble.

Our price catalog before Leap was 46 pages long, and memorizing where everything was in that catalog was very difficult. With Leap, you can use the search bar to quickly lookup your pricing. One of the things I love is that at the bottom of Leap is there is a running job total and this will change as you make edits to the estimate. This will show your customers that you’re not just making up your prices.

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