Bath Remodelers | A Drilldown View for Endless Homeowner Options

Scale Your Business, Give Homeowners an Easier Way To Shop, And Maximize Time in the Home

Product options are endless in the bath remodeling industry. Have you ever spent hours inside the home showing homeowners faucet after faucet, tub after tub? Hundreds of bath installers are ditching the pitchbooks, product magazines, and samples and using Leap to get organized, help homeowners make decisions, and scale their business. Call us today at 844-370-5327.

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How does Leap grow your business and help homeowners make decisions?

Leap is contractor sales software that bath installers use as a tool to improve their workflow, increase revenue, and modernize leads. Using remodeling estimating software inside the home gives you better internal processes but also gives homeowners a better experience.

  • Leap’s Drilldown Feature Leap’s favorite feature among bath installers has a drill down view that lists all your product  options. You will work 1:1 with our onboarding team to get your specific product options in the  drilldown view. Now products will be organized, and you can spend less time inside the home,  allowing you to schedule more appointments in your day. Your customers can use the iPad to  have a digital shopping experience within their price range.  
  • One-Call Close Bath Remodelers have an easier time one call closing with Leap. You can show a homeowner  the drilldown view options and then offer different pricing packages, sign paperwork, and install  the next day. Leap makes remodeling a bath or repairing a broken faucet extremely easy for the  homeowner and yourself. No more needing to go to their home a second time to close the deal. 
  • Scale Your Business Grow and scale your business by hiring sales reps in any industry because using Leap to sell  your products and services is as easy as hitting a few buttons. You can go from 3-4 reps to 8-9  reps easily, scaling your business and bringing it to the next level. Adding another service, like  bath installation, can give you an additional revenue stream and help offset the slow seasons 

Customer Story 

“Our closing percentage on our Minnesota Shower and Bath division with clear, easy to read contracts and everything right there listed out for the customer, from the majority of the reps in that division is about 50% compared to 30%!” 

– Savanna Forster, IT Marketing Strategist 

Read more about Savanna’s story here

Leap Partners with Bath Manufacturers 

Leap is partnered with several popular bath manufacturers to make doing business easier. Simply access bath products within Leap and personalize packages for your customer’s needs.  

Check out our partner page here

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

No more… 

  • Spending hours in spreadsheet hell  
  • Errors and Redundancies  
  • Losing Time or Missing Appointments

Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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