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3 Ways You Can Help Homeowners See the Value in Your Home Service

How do you educate your prospects and customers throughout the buying process? From marketing to customer experience, home improvement companies can increase profits through education in every stage of the buyer’s journey. What is Educational Marketing? Educational Marketing is content designed to educate the prospect on your service, products, costs, and experience with your brand.

We make better choices with practice. When we purchase things like coffee, food, or gas (the things we purchase frequently) we understand what we’re paying for in a simple transaction. But when we purchase things of high cost like cars, boats, houses, and repairs, we aren’t used to making those purchases often. We are unsure of the buying process which makes us feel more prone to mistakes and feel insecure.  

By educating people on your service, you essentially give the homeowner confidence in your service, sales rep, business, and brand. Shashi Bellamkonda, VP of Marketing at Leap, discussed this concept further in the Pro Remodeler Article, 5 Ways Contractors Can Use Behavioral Economics to Their Advantage. In the article he states, “They may seek other non-biased experts’ opinions to help them make that decision. You can be that expert and help homeowners decide to go with you by providing them with enough resources and detailed information to help them make the decision.” 

How Can You Help Homeowners Feel Confident & See Value in Your Service? 

Host Free Educational Webinars for Homeowners 

  • Teach homeowners about the basics of your company to create credibility and trust.
  • Offer home improvement tips that relate to your product and service without homeowners feeling like their being “sold” to. 
  • Engage with the audience by leaving time for a Q & A session. You can answer questions, get a feel for what homeowners are insecure about, and find out where attendees are in the buying process. 
  • Further engage webinar leads by using the poll feature to see when the audience is looking to complete a project and post-webinar you can use your CRM to note when to reach back out.

Where do homeowners see your value when they attend a webinar? After attending a webinar, they will look to you as an expert because you offered them free information about the services you provide. Leap enhances this entire process by integrating with your favorite CRM and presentation software, so you can continue to capture your leads attention and close deals faster.  

Create Educational Videos for Homeowners 

  • Create Short Videos to post on social media, email, and send to prospects.
  • Decide who can take these videos. Whether you’re a social media specialist or the owner, designate someone with a phone and access to your social accounts to post educational videos.  
  • Have a brainstorming session with your sales team, production, and customer service teams. Ask them what the most common fears are homeowners have about your service, questions they get asked frequently, and tips for homeowners during their home improvement project.  
  • You can even use online reviews in these videos. Did you know 90% of consumers look online at other reviews about your business before making a purchase? This is an opportunity to use them in your video and social media content.

How do homeowners see your value when they watch an educational video? Imagine your Project Manager standing on a ladder taking a selfie video educating viewers on how to correctly clean their gutters or bathtubs to lengthen their lifespan. The more you educate consumers, the more value and trust they will have in your brand. Leap deepens the trust you have with consumers by easily adding links to videos in our resources section so when you’re in the home, and the homeowner has a question, you can access these videos within Leap. 

Leverage Industry Software to Educate Homeowners 

  • From presentation to estimating software, and photo documentation to aerial measuring software, there are so many options. You can head over to our Partners Page to see some of the most used industry software and ones integrated with Leap.  
  • Use software to educate your customers in every stage of the buying process. For example, if you sense your homeowner is insecure about the cost, you can show them how you generated the estimate with aerial measurements. Plus, they’ll think the technology is so cool! 
  • A lot of people are hands-on learners. Show the homeowner exactly how you’re going to generate their estimate and even let them do it. They will feel more in control and comfortable signing the document.  

How do homeowners see value after they interact with a company that uses technology? First, your company will stand out from competition. Second, there is value in educating your customer on what the estimate is comprised of. Leap educates your prospects on the cost of project because the homeowner will see every line item. In the Leap application, homeowners can choose between good, better, and best pricing packages. Again, giving them confidence in your set pricing.  

Show, Don’t Just Tell 

Leap is software for the home improvement industry that helps homeowners see the value in your home service. Show homeowners that your company is a credible and trustworthy brand through educational webinars. Show homeowners exactly what others in the community are saying about your company through online reviews. Show homeowners exactly what they’re paying for using a digital sales process. Show and share knowledge about your services with homeowners.  

Educational Marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can help you improve margins, rehash deals, and influence homeowners to choose your company over others. What you do with the leads gathered from this type of content is important and should be properly tracked in your CRM, and Leap makes it that much easier.

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