How Daniel Young Completes the Insurance Job Faster by Doing These 3 Things

Store, Send, & Supplement Insurance Claim Data with Leap

The process of winning an insurance project is different for many roofing companies. Following a weather event, some knock on doors while others rely on referrals. Either way, you’ll want to give homeowners the best experience possible as they were not expecting to be in this situation. Explaining the claims process with homeowners, ensuring manufacturer specifications are met, and getting all the information to the insurance carrier are only a few steps in the process that contractors must get right, repeatedly. So how can you automate this process so you can scale your business and complete the insurance project faster?

Last week, I spoke with Daniel Young, CEO of Kingdom Roofing Systems in Indiana, a long-time Leap advocate, and Customer Advisory Board member. He’s grown from $3 million to $15 million in just 3 short years. How did he do it? He shared with us his technology story on a recent webinar titled, “Leveraging Technology to Create Sanity.” But he also says Leap drives his insurance claim process, allowing him to achieve higher margins. Check out what he has to say during our recent conversation.

Danielle: “What does your first step in your sales process look like, post approval?”

Daniel: “After an adjuster has approved the roof, we present an economy shingle with economy accessories. We equate this to the like kind and quality that the carrier pays for. If the insurance carrier asks for an estimate, we share with them what we created in Leap. Leap knows our hard costs and margins and automatically applies the desired markup we set. If the carrier comes back and says that our estimate is too high, then we can take our Leap estimate and apply a discount that we’ve authorized the sales rep to apply to try and match their price. If their estimate is still below our floor price after the maximum discount is applied, then we know it needs to be supplemented.”

Danielle: “How you store every piece of data collected during the insurance project?” 

Daniel: “Leap is in the process of building out a custom form for me with a calculator. In the meantime, we’re using a Google sheet. This custom form takes the RCV (Replacement Cost Value) plus upgrades, subtracts credits from work not performed, and gives us the total contract price. In Leap, that form will be able to be initialed. Once initialed, we agree we’re working from insurance proceeds, plus upgrades minus credits, and then we go into the contract side of Leap and apply a custom discount to get it to match the carrier’s price. The homeowner see’s the two numbers match, along with the data and background information of how we got to that price.”

Danielle: “How do you engage the homeowner with Leap?”

Daniel: “Once we have everything finalized with the carrier, we go to the homeowner and let them know what the carrier is paying. Using Leap, we show them that while the carrier is paying XX for a basic roof with standard accessories, we could get them an Owens Corning Oakridge, Duration or Flex roofing system for just a small amount more. We then go into our sales pitch and show them how they can easily upgrade and the benefits of doing so. It makes for a much easier conversation.

Danielle: “How does Leap give flexibility to your salespeople?” 

Daniel: “We use Leap in different insurance settings that allow for some flexibility to the salesperson. When we meet the carrier, we give them our price from Leap. The sales rep knows that it is our target price, but they have a max discount that they can apply when needed. If the adjusters estimate is above the max discount, then the sales rep knows they can sign the contract.”

Danielle: “Why are your margins really healthy with insurance jobs using Leap?” 

Daniel: “Yeah, our margins on insurance projects are really healthy. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we can easily give homeowners upgraded options because it has already been automatically calculated within Leap. Instead of having to build four different estimates or proposals, we can start with one and then boom, it populates everything else, and we build the value on why the good, better, or best option is right for them.”

Danielle: “What differentiates you from contractors who use Xactimate?” 

Daniel: “Most companies are doing the opposite of us. They’re starting with the Xactimate estimate and then they’re working towards the number they need to be profitable. They’re ultimately using the carrier’s price, while we are coming out and using our costs and margin.”

Danielle: “How does Leap make the insurance process faster?”  

Daniel: “It allows you to build an insurance estimate with the language, code cited, and manufacturer requirements, so that you can have an insurance restoration package like ours, all in one place. In addition, you can go into your resource section, have those documents stored and attach them to your contract or proposal. Leap makes it readily available for our team when needed. It allows us to have all the evidence packaged up in one place. It becomes very difficult for the carrier to dispute it at that point.” 

Store, Send, & Supplement Insurance Claim Data with Leap

Do you want to increase profitability on your insurance claim projects by being more efficient, making fewer errors, and building a stronger sales system?

  • Centralize data in one location to communicate and stay organized during an insurance claim project.   
  • Send all documents that need to be signed from one location. 
  • Give homeowners options while improving the margin on the job. 

The Leap platform puts estimating, financing, contracting, and communication tools in one place. Go digital with the country’s top insurance restoration contractors by calling 844-370-5327 or fill out the form. Leap centralizes data for homeowners, contractors, adjusters, and insurance companies. 

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