QR Top 500 Attendee Shares His Top 20 Takeaways  

Rick Shugarman with Shugarman’s Bath in San Diego attended QR Top 500 Live event last week. He says, “This was one of the most influential conferences I’ve ever attended.”  

Rick’s Top 20 Take-a-ways for QR TOP 500 LIVE:  

  1. “Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” – Dominic Caminata 
  1. “A great way to lose a good employee is to tolerate a bad one.” – John Anglis 
  1. “Google’s changing algorithm is a myth!” -Chris Behan 
  1. “Hire and train now for the leaders you’ll need in 3-6 months.” – Donnie McMillan Jr.  
  1. “Unfair share.” -Amy Rahn 
  1. “If you’re running your business on a cash basis, you’re not really running your business. You don’t know. You might as well run to Harrah’s and put it all on black. Your job is to know your business.” – Scott Siegal 
  1. GFour Marketing’s follow up gift cards. One for the customer for future product interest and then one for the customer to give away to a friend for a referral. 
  1. Industry-relevant applications of great business books.  
  1. Brand Collage comparing to competition. – Patrick Fingles  
  1. “Volumes are for the vanity; profits are for the sanity.” – Nick Richmond 
  1. “Times are good right now. If you don’t have 10% net profit, MINIMUM, a reckoning is coming.”- Scott Siegal 
  1. “With inflation, if you don’t have a minimum 5.6 % net profit this year, you are losing money.” – Ken Kelly  
  1. Level 10 Website Audit – Rich Harshaw 
  1. Pillars of Identity – Rich Harshaw 
  1. Purchase the book, “Traction,” recommended by several conference speakers, about branding.  
  1. “7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor” and “The Wealthy Contractor” podcast by Brian Kaskavalcyian 
  1. NSLI 
  1. “Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, Water” – A method of prioritization 
  1. “Use the exact same angles for before and after pictures.” – Mandy Sandstrom  

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