The Power of Networking

Many people are naturally networking daily but can be stymied within the business world. Heidi J. Ellsworth and Karen L. Edwards of RoofersCoffeeShop explain the step-by-step process of building your network and utilizing it in a positive way for career success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Setting reachable networking goals for yourself and your company.  
  • How to focus on giving back and philanthropy to find amazing network growth.  
  • Finding opportunities within your company, industry, and community.
  • Connecting with industry communities, online websites, and media to open networking doors. 
  • Utilizing social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to optimize business success.  
  • How to get involved with industry associations to create career-long relationships and networking opportunities. 

Meet the Speakers:

Heidi J. Ellsworth

Heidi J. Ellsworth

Karen L. Edwards

Karen L. Edwards

Heidi J. Ellsworth and Karen L. Edwards have worked together in various roofing-oriented companies since 2006. Ellsworth is an owner and president of RoofersCoffeeShop and HJE Consulting. Edwards is the COO with RoofersCoffeeShop, owner and president of Casimir Group and executive director of Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3). They continually collaborate around sales and marketing, online publishing and overall networking and consulting in the roofing industry. They both have a passion for helping others to succeed. 

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