Ease of Software: Scale and increase your revenue through sales efficiency

The contracting/home improvement business has come a long way with technology. One place where this was not seamless was at the point-of-sale. The ability to communicate electronically, create custom documents such as contracts and proposals, along with secure payment capturing, are some of the many reasons’ contractors have turned to Leap for all their sales and estimating needs. 

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The other top challenges Leap has solved for home service contractors, that help them scale their business by closing more deals, includes: 

  • Sending documents easily to homeowners 
  • The use of electronic price books instead of paper and pen 
  • Eliminating data entry and product inventory mistakes 
  • Setting pricing and promotions parameters for the sales team to control your margin 
  • Decreasing the time between the sales and production handoff 

Whether you have 100+ sales reps or are an owner-operator, you have the ability to enhance your company’s professionalism and keep your sales team equipped with the proper pricing, terms, and resources. 

Continue to operate your business, increase revenue and scale through sales efficiency. This webinar will show you how the right software, makes all the difference. 

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