[Video] COVID-19 is Changing The Way Home Improvement Contractors Operate

From virtual appointments and quoting, to maintaining social distancing while on the job, there are enumerable changes that we are seeing across the industry with the crisis.

While some of these changes will revert back to normal, we anticipate that the post-COVID era in home remodeling and improvement projects will be full of change.

One of the silver linings has been the role that technology can play in helping businesses continue to communicate with homeowners, bid projects, and get them done safely.


  • The best ways to embrace technology to help your business today.
  • What you can do to prepare for the future changes that COVID-19 is bringing to the industry.
  • The concerns and fears contractors have with embracing technology in their operations.

The Panelists

Chris Bache profile image

Chris Bache

Ceo at Hatch

Chris Pallatroni image

Chris Pallatroni

Co-Founder at Modernize

Thomas Basch image

Thomas Basch

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Leap

Tim Musch profile

Tim Musch

Director of Business Development at MarketSharp

Anthony Ghost profile

Anthony Ghosn

CEO at Hearth

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