Culture Shapes the Future for In-Home Selling

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Culture Shapes the Future for In-Home Selling

Roofers Coffee Shop & Leap Talk Culture, Values, & Technology at FRSA

Last week, Leap attended the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo. Leap’s very own Kristen Heim and Sydney Phillips joined Heidi Ellsworth of Roofers Coffee Shop to talk about technology in the roofing industry and how Leap’s culture is shaping the future of in-home selling.

Leap provides digital contracting and estimating software that empowers home improvement companies to digitize what was traditionally carried around in a pitch-book. By eliminating costly errors and automating aspects of the sales process, our customers close more jobs and give homeowners a digital customer experience.

If you’re looking for a digital tool that provides exceptional customer experience and a digital partner that offers incredible customer support, then look no further. Leap’s Head of People, Robyn Johnson says, “We’ve built a space where employees can focus on our #1 priority – the customer. This means we create a comfortable and flexible environment whether it’s a remote or office setting.”

Leap’s values are woven into the culture, embedded in the product design and empowers the home improvement industry to bring those same values into businesses and homes across the country. Leap has over 120 employees in 12 states in the US and growing, 40% of employees are women, employees’ range in age from 20-70 with 30% of our workforce representing minority groups. So what are these values shaping the future of customer experience in our industry?

Values Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

1. Our Product Makes Us Great.
2. We Empower Our Customers.
3. No One Will Catch Us.
4. Embrace a “Hell-Yeah, We Got This!” Mentality.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Customer Experience using Leap Values

Empower Sales Reps to Educate Customers

Quickly set expectations and transparency with homeowners about price, timeline, payment, and communication. Help homeowners feel confident and see value in your service by educating them instead of using high pressure sales techniques.

Empower Sales Reps to Overcome Price Objections

Help homeowners prioritize what’s important. Offering options helps you overcome price objections and offering different ways to pay for your service gives homeowners a sense of control and feeling of ease in the decision-making process.

“WOW” Homeowners with a Digital Experience

Stand out from the crowd with a digital experience that “WOWs” homeowners and helps you deliver a customer experience that is unique, interactive, and helps you close the deal, again and again.

“Hell-Yeah – I got this!”

Show confidence! When you’re out in the field selling, you should find a software provider that you can rely on. Use platforms that allow you to sell without a Wi-Fi connection, one that updates price automatically across the field, and allows you to control margins. This way your reps can be confident they are giving homeowners the correct price, every job.  

A Homeowner’s Point-of-View

Check out the Roofers Coffee Shop Interview above to hear how Kristen’s friend went through three home improvement projects. Two of the contractors hired for projects used Leap while the other project was completed using paper estimates and contracts. The homeowner was impressed at how easy Leap made her experience. As buyer’s habits change and millennials continue to purchase older homes, contractors will need to find a way to meet homeowners where they are digitally.

Find your next position alongside the team that’s revolutionizing the Home Improvement industry

We pride ourselves in being a strongly confident, boldly honest organization focused on understanding industry pain points through customer experience and insight. We believe in supporting and developing our staff because each and every one on our team is an invaluable asset to the company. 

About Leap

Whether you’re a business owner or managing several crews, Leap digitizes your entire sales process and makes winning [jobs and subs] easy. Use Leap as a tool to sell your services to homeowners, prevent costly mistakes made by sales reps in the field, and get top-line margins on every job!

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing money and crews
Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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