The Digital Appeal: Get More “WOW” Moments in the Field 

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The Digital Appeal: Get More “WOW” Moments in the Field 

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When a home is attractive from the street it’s referred to as having “curb appeal.” Homeowners like to have curb appeal because it brings up the value of their home and leaves a lasting impression on the neighborhood. Home service companies are, at their heart, a very traditional and transactional business. So how does a contractor get more “WOWs” in the field and impress homeowners so they can win more jobs and help homeowners achieve their goals? Allure Home Improvements uses technology to “WOW” homeowners and bring them a customer experience that is interactive, unique and one they can’t say no to!

Why Should You “Digitally Appeal” to Homeowners?

Homeowners have high expectations of the services you provide. You know you can deliver curb appeal and exceptional service, but can you deliver a customer experience that helps you close the deal, again and again? Appeal to homeowners using technology to make their experience with your brand one that people will remember, that sets you apart from the competition and meets the high expectations homeowners have.

Allure Home Improvements Uses Leap & Ingage to Deliver Interactive Presentations that “WOW” Homeowners

Eric Clemente is Director of Sales Operations and Exterior Sales for Allure Home Improvements in New York. For the past 3 years, Eric and his sales team have perfected their sales process using the top technology in the industry to bring value to their customers and prospects. In our conversation with Eric this week, he revealed Allure Home Improvements uses Leap and Ingage to provide a frictionless and completely paperless sales process. Check out our conversation below.  

Prior to purchasing Leap and Ingage what were some problems you were hoping that these tools could address? 

Eric: “Prior to using leap, it was digitizing our ability to estimate in the field, using modern day tools such as phones and tablets. We were looking to integrate all the electronic data and information that was available from other third-party resources. And we were looking to really embrace technology. On the Ingage side, we were looking to bring our presentations to the 21st century, we were also looking to put more controls on them and get some data and analysis into how our teams were and weren’t working.

How do the above needs impact your customers?  

Eric: “Prospects must be provided with all the tools necessary to make a valued and educated decision that they’re comfortable with. And if the company presenting that information does not provide the customer with those tools, they’re doing their prospects a disservice. With Leap and Ingage, we go into the home and provide customers with accurate, on-site, and detailed measurements, proposals, documents to sign and execute, and resources necessary so prospects can become educated. And in a time where people’s time is essentially priceless, you really must make the most of the time that you are allotted in front of the customer. And without technology you’re not able to do that.

Do you believe Leap and Ingage have enabled you to earn more business?  

Eric: “Leap and Ingage have prevented our company from losing revenue. Because if we did not embrace the technology, we could have been left in the dust.” 

Do you think that implementing technology was worth it, specifically leap and engage? 

Eric: “Implementing technology is 100% worth it. Any company, that is, of size or value has technology. Right? So, you’re either steward of a crew, chuck in the truck, or you’re a real business.

Together Ingage and Leap Provide a Completely Paperless & Interactive Sales Process that “WOWs” Homeowners 

  • Make every rep a top performer! With Ingage and Leap, you can ensure your reps are using your best and most recent sales presentations, pricing, and product lists. 
  • The combination of Ingage and Leap provides companies with a full end-to-end sales tool, from initial presentation to estimation and quoting, to design mockup presentations and full project planning – helping you achieve that next “WOW!” 
  • Improve communication with a presentation that creates conversation and sets the right expectations with your customers. 

We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Leap through this integration,” says Ingage CEO Dean Curtis. “Our customers are always looking for better ways to present to and interact with their homeowners. This new integration will provide seamless movement from one app to another that will ‘wow’ homeowners and increase close rates.” 

-Dean Curtis, CEO of Ingage

Learn More About Leap & Ingage

About Ingage

Ingage is a sales presentation platform that provides Home Improvement sales teams with always up-to-date interactive presentations, allowing them to capture attention, increase order values, and close deals faster. Sales leadership will get detailed performance metrics to help them coach reps. Happy Ingage customers include NewPro, West Shore Home, Reborn Cabinets, Tundraland, Jacuzzi, and many more. 

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

No more… 

  • Spending hours in spreadsheet hell  
  • Errors and Redundancies  
  • Losing Time or Missing Appointments
Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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