Showcase Your Work & Win More Deals with Ingage’s Presentation Platform

Ingage is a sales presentation platform that provides Home Improvement sales teams with always up-to-date interactive presentations, allowing them to capture attention, increase order values, and close deals faster. Sales leadership will get detailed performance metrics to help them coach reps. Happy Ingage customers include: NewPro, West Shore Home, Reborn Cabinets, Tundraland, Jacuzzi and many more.

Together Ingage and Leap Provide a Frictionless and Completely Paperless Sales Process, Whether In-Home or Virtually

  • Ingage and Leap share a common goal of providing a completely frictionless, digital-first customer experience
  • The combination of Ingage and Leap provides companies with a full end-to-end sales tool, from initial presentation to estimation and quoting, to design mockup presentations and full project planning.
  • The home improvement industry is exceptionally competitive and to stand out, you need an incredible customer experience powered by leading-edge technology. Ingage + Leap brings that.

Benefits To You

Social Media Advertising

Ingage powers over 30,000 in-home and virtual presentations every month!

Build a Strong Brand

Make every rep a top performer! With Ingage, you can ensure your reps are using your best and most recent sales presentation.

Lead Generation

Empower anyone to create a presentation that customers will remember forever.

Social Media Advertising

Improve communication with a presentation that creates conversation and sets the right expectations with your customers.

Build a Strong Brand

Close more deals with a presentation that people will remember, that sets you apart from the competition, and meets the high expectations that consumers have.

Lead Generation

Easily share presentations and track what’s grabbing attention, so your reps can tailor their follow-up.

What Ingage Says:

“Today’s consumers expect an incredible experience with little friction, and they expect their vendors to be leading edge. Ingage empowers companies and their sales teams with interactive presentations that keep customers engaged and helps close more deals. Ingage, paired with LEAP, makes for a knock-out combination covering the entire sales cycle with zero friction.”

Dean Curtis, CEO