East Coast Roofing’s Foundation for Sales Success

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East Coast Roofing’s Foundation for Sales Success

East Cost Roofing was started in 1979 with “a pocketful of change and a prayer” by Larry Styler. In 2016 Jeff Kay started as CEO and implemented Leap to take the business from a “Chuck with a truck” to an enterprise level company. From 1979 to today, their mission remains the same; to make a difference worldwide. With the revenue generated by remodeling projects they help those in need overseas.  
Jeff from East Coast Roofing joined Leap and Ingage in a recent webinar to talk about how he uses technology to create a business worth passing onto the next generation. Watch the webinar to hear his whole story.

“What gets you to 4 million won’t get you to 10 million. What gets you to 10 million won’t get you to 20, and so on.”

Leap: How did you begin taking stock of the systems and auditing the processes that were already in place? 
Jeff: “I spent a lot of time in each department of the company. My primary focus was, how does the customer move through the process. How do they get introduced to us all the way through a final payment. I was also trying to make note of the important things to me, what were we missing? And it really came down to process. And in today’s world, it came down to technology. So that was how I began to try to read, develop and restructure what we were doing.” 

“We fill the glass up and we find all the holes to repair.” 

Leap: What were your goals six years ago vs your goals today? 
Jeff: “The goals have changed significantly over the years. We plug the holes, fill it up again and see what happens. Our goals at the time I started, six years ago, selling a million a month seemed like years and decades away, right? Now we are doing 2.2 million a month. When I came in, it was run very much old school, we call it “Chuck in a truck.” Where they had two guys who would run to anywhere between 12 and 30 houses a day. They would just measure, do a quick inspection, and work on putting a proposal together that the office staff would mail out the next day to the homeowner. Now with Leap, it’s a seamless tool, it’s easy and efficient. Everything is just integrated down the line. So, it gives measurements and material orders to our production team, so they know what to order. It’s just all seamless for everybody. It makes training easy, and we can hold people accountable to it.” 
Watch Chuck Thokeys webinar if you want to learn more on how to train your sales team to exceed your revenue goals.

“That is the definition of insanity, doesn’t matter what you do, you’re not going to fix it.”

Leap: When did you realize that technology was going to be an important piece of the growth of the company? 
Jeff: “I knew that from day one, there had to be a technology that just makes it consistent. Somehow, without Leap, we would sell the same product and we’d have different contracts. Let’s talk about using Leap as opposed to your salespeople trying to write contracts, right? Somebody can check some boxes, as a salesperson, and it’ll create the contract for us. It’s consistent. There’s nothing missed. Whereas now, it’s all calculated right in Leap. Whether you go there, Pam goes there, or I go there, it doesn’t matter who goes to price a job. It’s factored correctly, it’s priced correctly.”

“You’re really going to be able to drastically scale your business with all the technology that you have integrated.” 

Ingage: What do you believe is the secret sauce that will allow you to scale the business as quickly as you think you can? 
Jeff: “Automations, integrations and technology. Let’s just talk about Ingage and Leap and how they are integrated with each other; Ingage sits inside of Leap, right. Leap is great, because that’s my sales team. That’s what they work out of. The calendars in there, Ingage is in there, our financing is tied in, you know, full integrations, our measuring tool, fully integrated, all around.” 

Leap is proud to be partners with Ingage

Ingage is a sales presentation platform that provides Home Improvement sales teams with always up-to-date interactive presentations, allowing them to capture attention, increase order values, and close deals faster. The sales leadership will get detailed performance metrics to help them coach reps. Happy Ingage customers include East Coast Roofing, NewPro, West Shore Home, Reborn Cabinets, Tundraland, Jacuzzi and many more.

Learn more about Ingage here.  

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing time or missing appointments
Learn more about Leap today

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