5 Brilliant Ways to Shorten the Sales Cycle According to Home Improvement Tech Experts

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5 Brilliant Ways to Shorten the Sales Cycle According to Home Improvement Tech Experts

Need a tech stack for your next interior or exterior remodel job? Here are 5 reasons you should implement technology at every touchpoint that’s proven to shorten your sales cycle, improve efficiency, and get higher margins on deals.

Home Improvement Industry experts came together to talk about how technology shortens the time from when a homeowner becomes a lead to the final payment received. Leap’s Director of Business Development, Tom Basch, and CompanyCam’s, Mike Knott, hosted a webinar featuring the customer journey when Leap, CompanyCam, Ingage, EagleView, and JobProgress are optimized across every touchpoint and work together to shorten your sales cycle.

1. Capture, Centralize, & Communicate Homeowner & Project Data.

2. Accurately Measure without Climbing on the Roof.

3. Seamless and Dynamic Data Flow to Prevent Errors.

4. Project Photos That Drive Shared Accountability & Organization.

5. Up-to-Date Interactive & Dynamic Presentations at your Fingertips.

Over 70,000 home improvement contractors use Leap, CompanyCam, EagleView, JobProgress, and Ingage to give homeowners a great experience at every touchpoint. Watch the on-demand recording or read the highlights from the webinar below to learn more about implementing a winning tech stack.

Touchpoint #1: Capturing, Centralizing & Communicating Homeowner Data

JobProgress is a CRM and the start to the tech stack, it’s used by over 1,000 companies. Tom Basch said, “JobProgress is a central productivity platform for all home improvement contractors. It has fully customizable workflows, customer tracking, material ordering, estimates and proposals built in messaging, and much, much more.” The easy-to-use mobile app gives you remote access to your business, making it easy for you to work effectively while you’re not at your desk. Learn more about JobProgress.  

JobProgress Sales Cycle Touchpoint 1 Graphic

Touchpoint #2: Accurate Measurements Without Climbing on the Roof 

We’re more of an actual imagery company. In fact, most people think we’re using satellites. But we’re actually using fixed wing aircraft, which we believe is the best way to capture aerial measurements. You will purchase an EagleView report through your CRM, such as JobProgress, and then you can pull the report into Leap to use at the project site. When you pull that data into JobProgress and Leap, the data is carried through that entire job, saving a lot of time.  It allows you to bid more jobs or spend more time with your family. To be frank, instead of being a micromanager, you can be a leader in the business.” Learn more about EagleView.  

EagleView Sales Cycle Touchpoint 2 Graphic

Touchpoint #3: Seamless and Dynamic Data Flow to Prevent Errors 

Tom Basch says Leap is, “a sales enablement platform that empowers your team to be at the kitchen table with everything they need at their fingertips to be able to get that homeowner from point of need, all the way through to a solution.” Leap pulls in the customer information from a CRM, such as JobProgress, and from there it’s an easy-to-use sales tool for your sales reps. It “keeps sales reps super-efficient, provides a really great customer experience so that the homeowner is able to have everything they need at their fingertips.” Leap integrates with top industry experts, allowing your team to access the best industry software from one centralized location. Learn more about Leap.  

Leap Sales Cycle Touchpoint 3 Graphic

Touchpoint #4: Project Photos That Drive Shared Accountability & Organization 

Mike Knott talks about how CompanyCam provides a solution to the many issues contractors are facing today. Mike mentions, “CompanyCam is a photo documentation software for contractors. The issue that most companies run into is, regardless of where those photos end up, whether that’s JobProgress, Leap or Google Drive, sales reps are taking photos locally on their phone. It’s the easiest way to do it, they’re used to pulling out their phone, taking photos, and it’s done.” CompanyCam saves time and organizes your project photos in a separate location from your personal photos. Learn more about CompanyCam.  

CompanyCam Sales Cycle Touchpoint 4 Graphic

Touchpoint #5: Up-to-Date Interactive & Dynamic Presentations at your Fingertips 

Pam Torrey talks about Ingage as, “the industry leading sales presentation platform for the home improvement industry.” Ingage follows industry trends and “allows folks to be able to create interactive dynamic presentations that are if, I may, are engaging by leveraging video natively, and using high quality images.” Ingage presentations allow your sales reps to present relevant up to date information at every kitchen table. Using Leap, you can pull up your Ingage presentation right in the same section as your CompanyCam photos and your EagleView reports. Learn more about Ingage.  

Ingage Sales Cycle Touchpoint 5 Graphic

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing time or missing appointments
Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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