4 Ways to Scale Your Marketing: Maintaining Marketing Cost at Scale

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4 Ways to Scale Your Marketing: Maintaining Marketing Cost at Scale

Home improvement marketing experts recently shared some tips on how to scale your business and succeed in today’s economy. Check out what the experts had to say about face-to-face contact, referrals, market share, and more.

Face to Face Contact: From canvassing to repeat business, what are the top channels companies use to scale marketing?

According to Chris Williamson of Tony Hoty Training and Consulting the “top channels companies can use to scale their marketing involve face to face contact.” These include:

  • Canvas leads tend to be a lower cost per issued lead and will keep your calendars nice and full if your department is functioning well.  Strong management is critical in canvass departments. Canvassing will keep your reps busy in the slow months when other people are sitting at home.
  • Hiring a brand ambassador is one of the most powerful lead generating decisions your company can make. Brand Ambassadors can get photo and video testimonials that can be used to promote your company and secure leads by conducting radius marketing.
  • Repeat business and referrals is an obvious way to scale your business. Online reviews play a huge part in your success, and you can only get honest reviews from past and current customers.  If you’re wanting to learn more about referrals, watch this recording with Yelp.

Tony Hoty Training and Consulting:

If you need expert advice, cutting-edge strategy or process improvement for your company’s lead generation efforts, Tony and his team can help. Through on-site training and execution or remote coaching and support, this dynamic team of seasoned professionals has the knowledge and experience to take your organization to the next level. 

Companies that scale successfully have figured out how to do two things:

Pete Dabbelt from gFour Marketing says, “customer experience doesn’t show up on your balance sheet, but it provides awareness and opportunity to scale.” He believes these two things you need to do scale and adopt in today’s economy: 

  • Mastering referrals: We all know that referrals are your best quality lead, other than a repeat client. They close easier, quicker and at higher prices with less hassle. Make sure to put a system in place to consistently ask for, encourage and reward referrals. 
  • Keeping in touch with your customers: They are your best source of profitable leads. To maximize the value of each customer, you must keep in touch with them for years to come. You never know where your next repeat customer or referral lead is going to come from, so you must regularly send out newsletters and email communication to stay top of mind with your customer. Read more on creating a memorable customer experience in the digital age, here.

gFour Marketing:

Since 2009 gFour Marketing Group has been the secret back-office marketing team for hundreds of home improvement businesses just like yours. You get the customer, and we’ll help you turn that customer into more repeat sales, more online reviews, and more referrals!

“If you don’t have leads, what the hell are you doing?”

Nathan Tebedo of ContractorCoachPro says the gross marking percentage that you should be ready to invest if you are looking to scale are based off these two things:

  • Time investment: Companies who invest little money into marketing are very boots on the ground, hardworking companies. You are very involved in your communities and you’re not going to hear any ads on the radio station or see any ads in a newspaper. Marketing costs, dollar-wise, for that is low, but it is a very time-intensive action.  If you are interested in learning more on educational marketing strategies to keep your costs low, click here.  
  • Top of mind marketing: When you’re looking for top-of-mind marketing, 10% of your total revenue, or more, should be invested in buying radio ads, TV commercials, and billboards. If you’re doing print marketing and mass mailers, you’re going to spend a lot of money and it’s going to take some time.


ContractorCoachPRO is the only contractor coach or consultant that takes a holistic approach to your business. We have the experience to help you win! Control. Growth. Freedom. How to get control of your business so it can grow, and you can achieve freedom. Get control of your business, stop letting it control you! 

Economic downturn, leading your business to success with your marking program.

Doug Schatz’s of Socius explains, “Maintaining your marketing during uncertain times is important because your competition may reduce or stop their own marketing, and that gives you an opportunity to increase your market share.” 

  • You should remain consistent with messaging and not turn to bigger discounts just to drive more business. The most successful companies during 2008 focused on keeping their marketing consistent, increasing their efforts to drive more leads through multiple channels (social media, Google, community events) and they came through in better shape than their competitors. 
  • Companies should be more judicious about where you spend your marketing dollars.  Focus on channels where you have trackable, proven ROI and avoid those that are purely awareness driven.  Studies have shown that increasing discounts or extending offers can attract price-shoppers and tire kickers – the last thing you need when you are trying to maintain your workforce. 


Socius Marketing has been a leader in cutting edge digital marketing solutions for builders and contractors since 2006.  With a team of over 100 specialists, we bring decades of experience to every website and marketing campaign we launch.  Call us to find out why our data-based decision-making helps transform large and small businesses alike.” 

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