Customer Experience in the Digital Age

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Customer Experience in the Digital Age

What’s at Stake & 3 Ways to Become a Digital Leader 

Homeowners are using technology everyday so it’s becoming more and more valuable for contractors to meet homeowners where they are, digitally. People are using more and more technology in their kitchens and bathrooms including smart TV’s, doorbells, and even refrigerators. In KBB, the Official Publication of NKBA & KBIS, Leap CEO Patrick Fingles said, “A carefully considered digital foundation can help you transform your current business, delivering a customer experience to help you connect data, people, and processes; reduce project errors; and seamlessly flow data from one means to the next.” 

So, what’s at stake if you choose the more “archaic” way to sell in the home?

In short, money and time. Not just your money and time, but your customer’s too. Oftentimes, we’ll talk to kitchen and bath remodelers, and they say, “I use digital tools.” And when asked which ones, they respond with, “we use documents for contracts and spreadsheets for estimates.” Spreadsheets and paper contracts have since been transformed to software solutions that are more enhanced, affordable, interactive and scalable. You no longer need to live in spreadsheet or paper hell for hours on end, drive to the home to collect payment and hand-deliver documents.

Simply Sell Your Services & Products the Modern Way

Selling kitchen and bath services and products have changed. Kitchen and bath remodelers want efficient processes and higher sales margins, but old-school systems are holding them back. Leap is a simple tool that kitchen and bath remodelers use to manage all aspects of your in-home sales process including creating estimates, generating proposals and contracts, creating work orders and tech measure sheets. You can also submit and get approval of financing, collect credit card payments and check capturing, and e-signatures!

3 Ways to Become a Digital Leader with Leap

1. Digitally Train & Attract New Sales Reps with an Easy-to-Use Digital Tool 

As a sales leader, you want your team to succeed but using paper and spreadsheets to price jobs can make training new employees difficult and time-consuming. With Leap, you can simply train new sales reps and sales teams on how to price projects digitally. Save time and get your sales reps in the field selling faster! Make quick price updates on one dashboard and your sales reps’ iPad’s deliver the correct price every pitch.

2. Digitally Present Many Options and Price to Homeowners  

Save time and resources by presenting bath and kitchen products in one digital location. View many prices and product options in Leap. Without this feature, if homeowners want customization, sales reps must go back to the office to create formulas. Using this feature in Leap, your reps will be able to run more sales appointments, as all the customization of the packages is now taken care of by Leap.

3. Digitally Send & Sign Documents During the Sales Process   

Shorten the in-home sales process and achieve higher close rates by sending and signing documents digitally. Before sales reps had to carry around messy pitch-books with hundreds of pictures, samples, paper warranties, and documents. Now sales reps walk confidently and professionally in the home with an iPad to assist homeowners. The entire experience is enhanced and easy because you can share documents and get signatures right from the app, centralized in one location. No more searching in your email and looking in spam – now you can send and share easily from one place!

About Leap

Whether you’re a business owner or managing several crews, Leap digitizes your entire sales process and makes winning [jobs and subs] easy. Use Leap as a tool to sell your services to homeowners, prevent costly mistakes made by sales reps in the field, and get top-line margins on every job!

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing money and crews
Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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