May 9, 2022
By Danielle Basch

Make Selling Simple | A Tool to Help Sales Reps Close More 

Spreadsheets and pitch-books are a thing of the past. Like dial-up internet, the Walkman, and paper receipts, they were the first iteration of something great. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and into Leap. Leap is software that does what spreadsheets and pitch-books CAN’T. Leap is simple, seamless and powerful. We have more integrations and capabilities than any other platform in the industry…nobody even comes close!  

How Does Leap Make Selling Simple for Reps in the Field?  

Efficient Estimating

Are you currently writing down a lead’s name 25 times before the lead is resulted and filed away? With Leap, all customer information is populated automatically as you generate estimates in less than 30 seconds. Hell yeah – your life just got easier! 

Efficient Estimating graphic

Accurate Measurements

Are your measurements correct from the start or do you constantly have to fix errors? Leap integrates with aerial measurement providers like Hover, Eagleview and RoofScope.  Leap automatically fills out your measure sheet with the line items that you need to create an estimate. Hell yeah – you can finally get accurate measurements! 

Accurate Measurements graphic

Total Price Control

Are your sales reps “in-the-know” or are they pricing jobs incorrectly due to price changes and product updates? With Leap you can put controls on pricing and discounting to keep sales reps from over-inflating costs or underbidding jobs. Hell yeah – Your margins matter! 

Total Price Control graphic

Digital Resources

Are you having to carry around several pitchbooks? Are sales reps tired of the mess in their vehicle and in the customer’s home? Annoyed with having out-of-date pricing and product information? Leap Resources section allows you to upload digital brochures and links to show homeowners. Top supported files include PDF, PowerPoint, iBooks, URLs, Video (MP4), and Audio files (WAV & MP3). Hell yeah – give homeowners a better experience! 

Digital Resources graphic

Offer & Compare Financing

Are your reps in the field having to jump between multiple applications? Are your production and installation teams wasting time collecting payments instead of focusing on project tasks? Leap empowers your team to simplify the entire sales process so you can close more deals. We integrate with over a dozen finance lenders that enable contractors to submit credit applications. Hell yeah – receive a decision instantly! 

Offer & Compare Financing graphic

Remote Signatures

Do your sales reps lose time and money by driving back to get homeowner signatures? Are paper checks getting lost too often? Leap Secure Sign ensures contractors can securely and seamlessly share documents during the sales process. Asking homeowners to sign remotely in Leap far outweighs the experience of having to sign the traditional way. Hell yeah – It’s built right in!  

Remote Signatures graphic

Leap Makes Selling Simple

Are You attending FAST Remodeler Live? 

FAST Remodeler Live is happening this week! Home Improvement professionals are coming together for the first ever software and business technology conference for our industry. Attendees will gain new ideas and strategies for implementing the latest technology in their businesses. Leap is honored to sponsor this event and the free Welcome Party at Apropoe’s in the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. 

Interested in seeing just how Leap works? Visit us at booth 113, we’re giving away Yeti products and Leap Swag!  

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