Leap and JobProgress Come Together as #oneteam at Leap’s 2022 Summer Summit

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Leap and JobProgress employees standing in a circle talking and laughing

Leap and JobProgress Come Together as #oneteam at Leap’s 2022 Summer Summit

Talking with JP
A group photo
Leap entrance
Everyone together
Brandon working on graphics
Patrick gives a speech
Leap marketing
Leap and JP together
Lunch at the Summit
Leap and JP group photo
Leap and JP hang out
Leap and JP Summit
Leap and JP playing football

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” A few days ago, the Leap and JobProgress team came together as #oneteam at the Leap headquarters for the 2022 Summer Summit in Columbia, MD.

Culture isn’t just photos of employees in their Leap shirt, it’s the fabric that holds a company together. Leap’s culture is made up of brand values, attitudes, and a belief in their mission. Summer Summit’s theme was #oneteam. Patrick Fingles, Leap CEO said, “Being #oneteam means understanding 125 people are working together as a blended family to overcome challenges, solve problems, and are committed to working together through whatever is thrown at them. Embracing and living out the ‘hell yeah, we got this’ mentality.

The day started with a company update, team trainings, and customers participating in sharing their Leap and JobProgress stories. Employees participated in the “Thought Pond” activity which gave everyone the opportunity to give suggestions for collaboration, communication, customer satisfaction, and experience. The day finished with an end of the summer picnic, celebrating the future of Leap and JobProgress.

You can read more about the acquisition here.

Mike Lyons from Long Home Products Shares His Leap Story at Summit

Mike Lyons shares his story

Mike Lyons from Long Home Products joined the Summer Summit midday. He said, “Long has over 94 Sales Reps using Leap in the field and my favorite thing about Leap is I no longer have to drive back to the customer’s house which makes my life easier!” Long Home Products, formally Long Roofing, has been a long-time customer of Leap and used to spend 13-14k a year on carbon copy contracts. Now Long Home Products saves time and money because reps don’t have to drive back to the office to get signatures on paper.

When Mike first started at Long, they made 12 million in revenue. He went on to say, “This year, we’re on track to do 125 million, scaling across state lines, and using technology like Leap, CompanyCam, Ingage and Hover to catapult growth.”

Mike is the Corporate Trainer at Long Home Products.

JobProgress User, John Marrah of Marasun Roofing, Hosts a Q&A at Summit

A Q and A with John Marrah

John Marrah of Marasun Roofing joined Leap and JobProgress for a Q & A session during the summit. John shared that he has been a customer of JobProgress since 2020 and expressed a real passion for implementing technology into the business. John spoke a lot about how great and seamless it is being able to communicate with internal people. He said, “having the ability to create a workflow that is easy, customizable and scalable which is great for a starting business.” There is also a way to build in other functions like a customer portal, progress board, and a trackable ticket system for tasks which makes it really easy to run his business on the road.

JobProgress is customizable to the point where even if someone isn’t tech-savvy, it’s very easy to pick up. He mentioned how his mom was using it now as well and how onboarding was technically only 2 weeks! To see how you can implement technology easily, click here.

As far as Marasun’s specific system, their internal measurements shockingly impressed JobProgress’s own CSM Manager, Rony, “John Marrah really is the walking example of – you get what you put in when it comes to making JobProgress your own.”

Leap Employees Express Excitement for the Future

Katrina Childs

Lead Customer Support Specialist for Leap

Lester Morris

Sales Manager for JobProgress

Al Drankiewicz

Account Executive for Leap

Rony Codjoe

Customer Success Manager for JobProgress

Leap is Hiring!

Leap’s three-year revenue growth of 281% solidified their position in the Inc. 5000 list and allowed them to grow their team by 484%. Leap will continue to expand its team to support the growth seen thus far. Job Openings in Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Development, and Operations can be found here.

See Leap in Action

Created for and by home improvement professionals, Leap is the first end-to-end contract sales software that digitizes every step of the in-home sales process to ease the process for both customer and contractor. The all-encompassing app includes estimating, financing, contracting and real-time customer communication that automates and simplifies sales while correcting errors and streamlining processes at every step. See Leap in action.

Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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