3 Ways Contractors Complete Storm Restoration Jobs Faster

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3 Ways Contractors Complete Storm Restoration Jobs Faster

Complete storm restoration

Homeowners impacted by hurricanes, wind and storm damage rely on roofing companies after weather events to get their roofs checked for damage as fast as possible. Moving faster often means more mistakes. Your sales reps in the field are moving quickly after a storm. So how can your roofing company deliver accurate pricing, trustworthy customer experience, and clear communication with insurance companies, adjusters, homeowners, and your team?

Maximum efficiency when documenting storm damage.

Fewer estimating and contract mistakes on repair or replacement costs.

Centralize data for clear communication with insurance companies & homeowners.

Automate your sales process to complete roofing jobs faster

Explain the claims process with homeowners

According to the Tampa Bay Times, homeowners will research roofing contractors just like you. After storms strike, the demand for roofing contractors is high. Out-of-town contractors are being welcomed in to help with the damage. This gives you the chance to differentiate your company as trustworthy. You can also be the comfort homeowners need in a time of stress. Why not explain the claims process with an easy-to-use tool at the kitchen table?

Ensure manufacturer specifications are met every job

Manufacturer requirements change from time to time. Paying attention to the details could save you and the homeowner from several headaches. Owens Corning says, “If an authorized contractor is handling the installation of your new roof, they may have to register its warranty with the manufacturer within a specified time frame.” In a recent interview with Daniel Young from Kingdom Roofing Systems, he said, “Leap allows you to build an insurance estimate with the language, code cited, and manufacturer requirements, so that you can have an insurance restoration package like ours, all in one place.”

Get information to the insurance carriers quickly

Accessing job documents from one location is important in the insurance claim process. Evidence is equally as important. When you collect more photos, it becomes harder to keep track of them. Centralizing all project communications speeds up the roofing job and gets the claim approved and finalized ASAP.

According to Monarch Roofing, “Be sure to include photographic evidence from you, the roofing contractors, or both. Act fast after a storm because if you wait too long to file a claim, your insurance company may not be able to decipher the difference between storm damage and negligent maintenance.” Contractors, don’t lose out on the insurance coverage homeowners deserve after a storm.

Shift to simple automations

Look into your Leap software

Whether your storm restoration plan is to knock on doors or you’re an experienced sales rep traveling to join the best roofing company in Florida temporarily, deliver an experience that is simple, accurate and quick. Homeowners want trustworthy and reliable roofing services to keep their homes and families safe. Paper and manual processes slow projects down. They both look unprofessional and don’t give homeowners a good “vibe.”

In fact, thousands of roofing contractors have recently shifted their in-home sales experience from paper to software. Now you can create estimates, contracts, documents, financing, and payment capture to get the job done quickly and with less errors. Automating your day-to-day operations is key to finishing the roofing job quickly and efficiently.

Data is important when selling roof repairs and replacements, especially after a storm

Here is Leap’s step-by-step process for automating your workflow:

  1. Help homeowners file a claim in the home professionally and paperless.
  2. Assess damage, store documentation, and take measurements within Leap using the Company Cam and 3rd party measurement providers.
  3. Send these measurements and photos needed to the insurance company and homeowners.
  4. Quickly generate photo and measurement reports directly within the app. Then, send the PDF to your insurance adjuster, homeowner, or office admin for safe keeping.
  5. Transfer data and automate workflows in Leap. This way, you don’t have to manually change contracts into production orders and customer records.
  6. Keep all parties updated with progress on the claim. Communicate within Leap instead of having to search for an old email.
  7. Finally, send estimates, contracts, payments, and other communications from Leap. This will also increase the speed of the project.

From the start of a project to the homeowner signing the contract, Leap has the tools needed to cut out inefficiencies and get the job done faster. Faster estimates mean your reps can run more leads. Watch this video to see how Leap, JobProgress, EagleView, CompanyCam, and Ingage shorten the sales cycle.

Kingdom Roofing Systems Decreased Time Spent in the Home by 50%

Kingdom Roofing Systems has grown 500% in just 3 years! Their sales reps are closing 100% more jobs and they’re spending 50% less time at the home. As a result, their commission checks are bigger and their day-to-day is smoother. Daniel Young used to manage his sales process manually with carbon copy paper contracts. This made it very difficult to control the process or make margins predictable.

Everything changed once he discovered Leap. As a result, he can update pricing in the Leap catalog and produce tight margins. His sales reps now have a place to go to help explain liability and the difficulty of jobs to homeowners. Read how Daniel Young from Kingdom Roofing Systems completes insurance roofing jobs faster with Leap here.

About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

Leap SalesPro on iPad and iPhone.

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