Roofing Industry Trends: Enhancing the Sales Process

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Roofing Industry Trends: Enhancing the Sales Process

Roofing industry trends indicate that new technology is enhancing the sales process for companies of all sizes. In addition, many businesses are falling behind their competitors because they haven’t modernized.

Going digital is driving the sales process forward, making everything more efficient and effective for contractors. At RoofCon in 2022, industry experts explained exactly why this is the case. The team at Leap spoke with many contractors to learn just why technology is helping the industry evolve.

According to IBIS World, roofing is currently a $56.7 billion industry. Moreover, the market size is expected to grow substantially over the next decade. That’s a great sign for contractors across the country. However, it also shows why the industry is utilizing innovative technologies to become more efficient and serve more customers.

“It sets the process for follow-ups and blast emails to be easier,” Nick Miller of A1 Roofing told us at RoofCon. “It’s a lot easier than writing it on paper or using your calendar.”

Is it really that simple? In fact, going paperless is one of the most important roofing industry trends to consider. Contractors are utilizing new software that centralizes the paperwork into one digital application.

Are carbon copy estimates and manila folders costing you time, money, and your sanity? There’s a less stressful way to manage your sales operations. Technology gives your reps sales reps in the field everything they need at their fingertips to clearly convey pricing, home measurements, materials, and contracts to customers.

Discover how to choose the right CRM to capitalize on roofing industry trends

Automation is Changing Everything for Roofers

Automating the sales process has become the new standard within the roofing industry. It’s helping contractors streamline their operations. Better yet, it’s helping bridge the gap between the services you provide and the customers you are trying to serve.

Easy-to-use software fast tracks onboarding for new reps and helps you build a repeatable sales process. It’s eliminating common mistakes and errors as well. But in general, contractors are going digital to become more efficient with their time and more effective at the kitchen table with potential customers.

You don’t have to travel back-and-forth to the office to drop off paperwork or pick up contract forms any longer. The moment an inspection is finished, the pricing is already there for you to present to the customer.

“Look what technology has done. We have companies like EagleView that are coming out with drones that are fully autonomous,” Bailey Barnard of Dom Restoration & Roofing told us at the event. “We have companies like Leap and JobProgress that are automating everything for us and making our jobs easy and making it so that we can continue growing our business and train easily.”

Your focus is now on selling the job, instead of running numbers and materials. This will help you reduce turnaround time, boost your sales, and establish credibility in your service area. “I would say technology is really helping us develop as a company,” Barnard added.

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Evolving with the Roofing Industry

New roofing companies are being established all the time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 120,000 roofers in the country! That’s why it’s so important to get a step ahead of your competition.

“Every time you turn around, there is another roofing company that just got started yesterday,” Michael Kuzy of Storm Guard told us. “The trend now for us is to look at measures that we can take and separate ourselves from those companies.”

By analyzing recent roofing industry trends, you can see that companies that don’t evolve will eventually get left behind. That’s why you’re seeing more contractors adopt software to improve many aspects of their business.

And it’s not just helping you save time and money; it’s also helping you train better and work smarter. You can now focus on driving higher margins and bringing in new revenue.

Learn More About Leap

As you can see, most experts agree that the industry is changing for the better and you don’t want to be left behind. That’s why events such as RoofCon are filled with contractors looking to find new ways to improve their businesses.

A great place to start is with Leap’s point-of-sale software. It’s a digital resource that centralizes all your reps’ needs. You can access marketing materials, pull measurements, select products, and offer pricing packages easier than ever before. You can also sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments!

At Leap, we have partnered with some of the best roofing software companies, such as EagleView or JobProgress mentioned above. Therefore, you can have access to a network of partners that, combined with Leap, will shore up your sales process and give you an edge over your competitors.

Recent roofing industry trends show that going digital isn’t just a concept. It’s here to stay and now may be the best time to optimize your sales with this innovative software. For more information, fill out the form below and book a 15-minute demo to learn more.

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