How Roofing Sales Software Promotes Business Growth

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How Roofing Sales Software Promotes Business Growth

Roofing sales software is driving higher margins and helping contractors close more jobs each and every day. In fact, the roofing services industry is going digital to become more efficient and prevent costly errors. But how can your business make this transition after years of paper contracts and sales material? The Patrick Carr Show sat down with the team at Leap to get a better understanding of Leap software and the industry’s move to automation technology. 

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The Importance of Roofing Sales Software

There are more roofing contractors in the United States than ever before, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, many roofing businesses are using an outdated in-home sales process that is wasting time and money.

From underselling jobs to selling out of stock products altogether, it’s common for sales reps to make paper errors during an in-home sales opportunity. This includes incorrect measurements, product selections, and pricing details. Even the most seasoned sales reps can make a mistake from time-to-time.

As a result, companies spend more time fixing mistakes and less time selling jobs. This can stifle business growth and eat into your profit margins. Fortunately, new technology is helping contractors eliminate these errors, saving time so you can schedule more jobs.

“People I talk to; their margins are up and down and there’s no predictability to it,” Tom Basch, Leap’s Director of Business Development, said during the podcast appearance. “With Leap, what they’re able to do is put guardrails around pricing to make sure they aren’t selling jobs below minimum or selling a product that is not available. Really, they’re protecting their business.”

Contractors are utilizing Leap software to put in locks and guardrails to prevent underselling a job. It’s a more predictable process in general.

“Predictable is not exciting, but predictable makes money and is profitable,” Patrick Carr noted.

Roofing sales software will improve many aspects of your business and provide a better customer experience. This can help you scale your business, onboard new hires, improve your closing rates, and more.

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Scaling Your Business with Leap

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to provide clear and concise pricing and job expectations to potential customers. This helps you build trust and brand recognition within your service area.

With Leap’s roofing sales software, you gain complete control over the sales process. You can access measurements, select pricing packages, sign contracts, and accept payments all in one centralized application. You can also offer financing to customers for more expensive work. It’s an end-to-end solution that is revolutionizing the way roofing contractors do business.

“Where we see a lot of our success is with companies that are looking to grow and looking to scale,” Tom Basch explained to Patrick Carr. “Our solution gives them so much more control over their business that they didn’t have before.”

With Leap, sales reps don’t waste time driving. There is no longer a need to go back-and-forth between the customer’s home and your office dropping off contracts or picking up sales materials. In fact, the Leap application works offline and provides accurate information no matter where you are.

Better yet, Leap makes it easier to onboard new sales reps. All the information is right in front of you, which makes it a more efficient and repeatable sales process. Therefore, training is more streamlined and easier for new hires to absorb.

“When they’re looking to scale their sales teams, they want repeatable processes and solutions in place that allow you to scale and grow and not have to spend four weeks, five weeks, or six weeks with a sales rep teaching them,” Tom added. “You want to be able to plug them into a system a go.”

Roofing sales software saves contractors countless hours training or in-home with customers. And as a result, they now have more time to schedule more jobs and convert more leads into sales.

Consider Going Digital with Leap

Recent roofing industry trends suggest that contractors are not only adopting a paperless sales process but thriving with it. This automation prevents simple errors, and it remains a valuable resource throughout the entire job, from the inspection to completion of the work.

Leap also has a network of partners that are industry leaders in their own right. This air-tight network includes manufacturers, measuring tools, CRM’s, marketing, and finance. When combined with Leap, you can maximize your company’s sales potential moving forward.

To learn more about how roofing sales software can help grow your business, fill out the form below to book a quick demo with one of our experts. As the industry evolves, this new automation technology is improving the sales journey for both contractors and their customers.

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