Leap is Now Integrated with GAF QuickMeasure ™

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GAF QuickMeasure integrated in Leap software

Leap is Now Integrated with GAF QuickMeasure ™

Leap is proud to announce that our point-of-sale software is now integrated with GAF QuickMeasure ™. GAF is a Standard Industries Company and is part of the largest roofing and waterproofing business in the world. It’s also the nation’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. With Leap and GAF QuickMeasure ™, you can now have affordable, accurate, and reliable roof measurements with high-quality imaging right on your estimates and contracts.

GAF QuickMeasure ™ Integration with Leap

GAF QuickMeasure ™ delivers roofing measurements and high-resolution imagery for contractors. In a single-family home, you can have reports ready in under one hour! For multi-family homes and commercial properties, reports are ready in less than 24 hours.

With GAF QuickMeasure ™ integration, get accurate roof measurements that include facets, pitches, eaves, rakes, and more. This helps you create more accurate product options and pricing with Leap’s point-of-sale software.

Furthermore, each report includes a 3D rendering of the property. Now show homeowners a completely interactive 3D rendering of their home. With the design feature, you can apply different roof products and colors to the property rendering. And the rendering will show you all your measurements for you!

Leap software is now integrated with GAF QuickMeasure.

The measurements are only entered once! Next, they are pulled through the entire sales process, onto your estimates, contracts, and other important documents on Leap.

This will save you more time during the inspection process and complement Leap software to help you focus on selling the job. Overall, GAF QuickMeasure ™ is the complete aerial roofing measurement software that delivers accurate reports quicker than ever before.

Learn More About GAF and Leap

Aerial imaging technology gives roofing contractors several advantages during home inspections and estimates. And at Leap, it’s one of our goals to provide the latest and greatest tech advances that are moving the industry forward.

GAF QuickMeasure ™ integration is another step forward that will help Leap customers scale their business and provide better insights to customers. With remote measuring tools, you can now hire more experienced salespeople to focus on selling the job instead of climbing up and down taking hand measurements.

Leap’s point-of-sale software is here for contractors throughout the entire sales experience, from the initial inspection to the product options, pricing packages, and contracts. Leap strives to help you create a repeatable sales process that saves you time and money. Moreover, our innovative software helps you build trust with homeowners and reputation within your service area.

Leap has a network of partners that complement our software, including manufacturers, CRMs, finance, marketing, and more. We are excited to add GAF QuickMeasure ™ to this network as we move into 2023. Leap users can learn more about GAF QuickMeasure ™ integration here.

If you’re ready to automate your sales process, consider adding Leap’s point-of-sale software to your business. For more information, fill out the form below and book a quick, 15-minute demo with one of our experts!

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