February 13, 2023
By Corey Mann

Build Your Roofing Sales Training with Software

Roofing sales training is the most powerful way to build a winning culture within your roofing business. However, many contractors struggle to build a consistent training process.

Without proper training and operations in place, your sales reps are more likely to commit common sales errors when working with homeowners. This will cut into your margins, cost you potential customers, and affect your company’s reputation. Fortunately, you can streamline your training and onboarding by implementing new technology within the industry. Let’s take a closer look at how sales software helps you provide better training for your sales reps and a better sales experience for homeowners.

Roofing sales training is easier with sales software.

How to Provide Better Roofing Sales Training

The role of a roofing sales rep has evolved over time. Yet, the goal remains the same: to drive higher margins and close more deals.

Traditionally, training a sales rep would take weeks of office and field work. You’re not just training new reps how to fill out paperwork, but also the products you offer, the pricing structure, company operations, and much more. This costs your business a lot of time and, as a result, money.

Each sales rep will build their own internal process for how they drive a sale forward with each homeowner. Nevertheless, they need a foundation to build from. And that’s where your roofing sales training comes into play.

So, how do you become more effective and efficient when training new hires? It starts with your sales process. You need a repeatable sales process that has structure and price control. This takes a lot of the “heavy lifting” out of the hands of your sales reps. They can instead focus on working with homeowners to sell more jobs and sign contracts.

As new technology enters the market, roofing contractors have turned to sales automation to scale their businesses. And it has made a huge impact on training.

Roofing sales software allows you to have complete control of every customer’s sales journey, from the initial inspection to the contract and job completion. You can go into the software and access all communications, product information, pricing details, financing, installation schedule, and everything in-between.

It’s an all-encompassing application that collects all your data in one place. Paper contracts have become digital signatures. Product sheets have become built-in dropdown lists within the software. And calculating pricing on a notepad has become direct pricing control that updates throughout your entire sales system.

The entire process is streamlined and simplified to make selling more straightforward and less complicated. But it also helps you provide easier roofing sales training to quickly integrate new reps into the software.

Tips for Training with Software

Training gives you the opportunity to turn a sales rep’s potential into real results and revenue. And software strengthens onboarding by eliminating common errors and simplifying your sales process.

You can plug new reps directly into the application. Once you add a new user, the rest of the training takes care of itself. A quick overview session will show you how to navigate the software, input data, access product information, measurements, contracts, financing, and more.

You can put guardrails in place to prevent new reps from underselling a job or selling a product that is out of stock. Furthermore, you can analyze sales data to recognize which sales reps have higher close rates or upsells to adjust your overall strategy.

Training shouldn’t be complicated. It should empower your sales reps to have everything they need once they begin working with homeowners. You want your team to be confident at the kitchen table with a potential customer. Sales automation makes roofing sales training less complicated and helps you focus on key areas that can make or break a potential sale.

As you can see, training provides a foundation that will ultimately determine how well a new sales rep performs in their role. It’s critical that you create an onboarding process that is uniform throughout your sales department.

Software’s Impact on Your Sales Operations

According to Webinar Care, estimation software is currently used by 57% of all roofing professionals. Are you part of the minority that hasn’t begun to utilize new technology in the industry?

If so, consider adding Leap’s point-of-sale software to your sales operations. At Leap, we work with a network of industry leaders that provide further products to help you scale your business. Our team of software experts will work with you to help your sales reps easily transition to the software so they can focus on scheduling more jobs.

Leap software is built to make roofing sales training more effective and impactful for your business. In fact, new contractors implement software right away to build a winning strategy. To learn more about Leap, fill out the form below and schedule a quick demo with one of our experts. Going digital can make an immediate impact on your roofing business and Leap has the industry-proven software to make it happen.