Home Improvement Financing for Contractors

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Leap offers home improvement financing for contractors

Home Improvement Financing for Contractors

Did you know there is software that provides home improvement financing for contractors? In fact, nearly 80% of all homeowners require some form of financing to complete a project, according to a recent Modernize survey. And the majority of these people will turn to their contractor to obtain financing.

It’s one of the biggest challenges in the industry today. Fortunately, there are software solutions available that can help contractors streamline this process and win more jobs. Therefore, let’s discuss the best tips for providing contracts and financing through software.

Leap offers home improvement financing for contractors.

Benefits of Home Improvement Financing for Contractors

The dynamics of the home improvement sales process is unlike any other industry. For starters, home improvement projects can be very expensive. And secondly, each home is different in its own way. Every homeowner has different goals and room financially to get the necessary work done.

That’s why it’s so important for contractors to make a good impression when they meet with a homeowner. What is the problem they’re looking to solve? How can your services fix this problem? What is their budget and timeline for this project?

There are so many critical areas to consider during every appointment. And most importantly, you want to provide a professional experience that builds trust and confidence with the homeowner in your ability to do the job correctly.

To close more deals, your presentation needs to help build that relationship. In addition, you need to provide the homeowner with more flexibility to meet their specific circumstances. Otherwise, they will find the work somewhere else. And that’s why home improvement financing for contractors can come in handy. For example, the main benefits of offering financing options include:

  • Provides flexibility to match any homeowner’s budget
  • Gives businesses a competitive advantage
  • Adds potential for upsells and add-ons
  • Boosts customer loyalty and business credibility
  • Improves closing rates and sales overall

Homeowners who finance a project are more likely to consider additional work or add-ons to the current project. When you can spread out payments and provide that flexibility, homeowners can now make decisions from a position of power. And with the right software, providing financing has never been easier.

Sales software is designed to help contractors manage all aspects of the customer’s sales journey. You can save time and money by automating many of the line items and tasks that are necessary to complete during an appointment. You can also provide a better experience for your customers that doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

Homeowners are more likely to do their own research before calling a contractor, so it’s best not to waste their time digging through paper materials and samples during an in-home sales visit. The software does all the hard work so the sales rep can focus on building a rapport with the homeowner.

The software also gives you the ability to create proposals and contracts in a matter of minutes. And with digital signatures, closing more jobs has never been more effective and efficient. This modernized sales process resonates with homeowners and gives the sales team more confidence at the kitchen table.

Build A Winning Strategy with SalesPro

Once you define your sales process, new technology can help you implement it quickly to start seeing the results. SalesPro is Leap’s industry leading point-of-sale software that is built specifically for the home improvement industry.

With SalesPro, you can automate your sales tasks, customer communications, estimates, contracts, and more. Leap also provides partner integrations with measurement tools, manufacturers, and various financing options.

The software gives you total control over your pricing. This ensures that your team isn’t underselling a job and that product information is up to date. And better yet, SalesPro’s Secure Sign feature gives you instant signature capture once you come to an agreement with a homeowner.

For a more comprehensive software solution, you may want to consider the Leap platform. This software provides features such as lead management, project management, scheduling, and invoicing all in one platform.

With the Leap platform, contractors can easily automate their entire workflow and provide an end-to-end flow of communication throughout their business. Your entire operations will improve and, in combination with SalesPro, can help you widen your margins, schedule more jobs, and scale your business.

Providing contracts and financing through software can help home improvement contractors streamline their business and provide a better experience for their customers. By following these tips, contractors can grow their business and increase their revenue while providing homeowners with the services they need to improve their homes.

To learn more about SalesPro and the Leap platform, fill out the form below and schedule your very own 15-minute demo! Home improvement financing for contractors is closing the financial gap between the business and the homeowner. Now is the time to get on board and stay ahead of your competition to win more jobs!

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