Exterior Source Achieves Total Sales Control with Leap

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Features of Leap that Helped Exterior Source

  • Price Guide provides real-time price and product updates
  • Resources feature houses all the pitch materials and documents
  • Leap’s visual documents feature make presentations and contracts look very professional
  • Estimates & Contracts feature increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Taking photos and adding sketches to the contract provides excellent visuals for the customer
“Digitally with Leap we are able to control the whole sales process.”
– Vicki Kiger, Director of Marketing, Exterior Source
“I believe it greatly enhances the customer experience. It’s more accurate, faster and more colorful than the old-fashion way we used to handle contracts and presentations.”
– Kristian Lindberg, Sales Manager, Exterior Source

About Exterior Source

Since 1993, Exterior Source has served more than 29,000 homeowners and builders across Central Virginia and the Tidewater area. We pride ourselves on our exceptional products, expert installations, and solutions for every budget. We are fully licensed and insured in Virginia, operating crews out of Richmond and Chesapeake to perform exterior home improvements.

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