Minnesota Rusco Saw a 33% Increase in Close Rate After Adding Leap

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“Our closing percentage on our Minnesota Shower and Bath division with clear, easy to read contracts and everything right there listed out for the customer, from the majority of the reps in that division is about 50% compared to 30%!”

Savanna Forster, IT Marketing Strategist 

Leap helped Minnesota Rusco maintain consistent pricing among sales reps and therefore were able to give their customers a better sales experience. They were able to pivot to remote selling and saw such a dramatic increase in sales, they created their own Virtual Sales Team designed specifically to handle virtual calls!

How did you hear about Leap?

“So I believe I actually had heard about Leap back in 2016 from Jason over at MarketSharp, we were using their CRM program at the time. He brought me in for a demo with the program and I loved it, absolutely loved it.”

Are you using any other tools for your sales process?

“We are using HOVER for our siding jobs, we’re actually using it as a remeasured tool. Then we’re also using Ingage for our virtual presentations.”

What are the most common manufacturers that you’re using?

“So we use LP Siding, and we do bathrooms and windows so we have Onyx and Sunrise Windows. We also use ProVia for our doors and storm doors.”

What are some of the challenges that Leap has helped solve?

“Being able to control pricing across all sales reps and make sure that everybody’s being consistent with our customer’s pricing.”

Leap has also helped prevent ordering discontinued products, mismatched colors, or wrong sizes. Poor handwriting and very hard to read contracts are also something we don’t have to deal with anymore.”

Previous to Leap did you have to do a lot of transposing from paper to digital?

“Uh yes so we, we would take all that information and put it into like the CRM program and transpose all of the information that the rep collected. That is again why we wanted to get Leap, you know the digital contracts we are working on going paperless throughout the entire production process too.”

You mentioned Leap helps with pricing. Can you expand on that?

“The owner actually mentioned today that Leap has been a blessing. Anytime we do a price increase the reps don’t even realize it, they just pitch it like they do any other day.”

With the control of pricing have you been able to increase your close rate?

“Our closing percentage on our Minnesota Shower and Bath division with clear, easy to read contracts and everything right there listed out for the customer, from the majority of the reps in that division is about 50% compared to 30%.”

What other features in Leap have you benefitted from?

“DocuSign has been a huge time saver for us. During the pandemic, we started running virtual appointments. Now we are able to do a contract with the customer via Zoom and they can see the Leap screen. We send the customer a digital contract through Leap and they sign via DocuSign and we have a signed agreement with them through a virtual sale. We’ve actually started a whole new division off of it now.”

“And change orders with customers if they decide they want a change like white windows instead of black windows. Instead of sending the wrap all the way back out to their home or snail mail with a new contract – we send them the virtual contract through Leap and have it done in a matter of minutes.”

How many trips back to customers do you think Leap has saved you through digital contracts and sales?

“We have done 152 DocuSigns either for change orders or virtual contracts. So I mean that is 152 times that we did not either have to go back to a customer’s home or drive out to the customer’s home to sign a contract.”

It seems Leap’s ability to conduct virtual sales has helped you a lot. Have you seen a lot of growth from this?

“Yes, pure growth. We actually had one consultant who did not want to be running appointments during the pandemic so we allowed him to test virtual sales out, we’ve since promoted him to our Director of Virtual and he has hired three reps that only run virtual appointments.”

About Minnesota Rusco

Minnesota Rusco was incorporated in 1955. Mel Hazelwood began with Minnesota Rusco as a shipping clerk in 1963 and became its owner in 1982. He has since been joined by his son, Mike Hazelwood, President and Jay Deems, Vice President and CEO. Their primary products now are Premium Vinyl Windows, Patio and Entrance Doors, LP Siding, Premium Insulated Vinyl Siding and Bathroom Remodeling.  

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