Secure Payment Capture: No More Lost Payments!

Missing a Check?

How many times have you or one of your reps gotten back to the office only to find that a check is missing? Or maybe it’s that sticky note with the customer’s credit card information, you stuck to the front of your sales binder that’s missing? You know…the one that probably flew out the window while you driving down the highway at 70 mph, trying to get to the next job site. It’s about time we do away with that old school, unsecure, customer panic-inducing payment procedures, and leap to digital secure payment capture!

Secure Payment Capture

Secure Payment Capture allows you to securely capture PCI compliant credit card and eCheck payment information. The payment methods are then stored in the Leap system in order to process payments from the dashboard at any time. This is useful for initiating a payment after the notice of cancellation period has ended and/or after the job has been completed.

Capturing Payment Info

To capture credit card or check information simply go to that section of the contract on the Leap app. Tap on the cell that contains the appropriate form of payment.

Capturing Credit Card Information:

When capturing Credit Card information you can use the Scan button to pull in the credit card number.

Capturing Check Information:

Processing Payments

After a payment method has been securely captured it will be stored within the customer record in the Estimates section.

Clicking the customer’s record will display any payment methods and previous transactions toward the bottom of the page. It also contains any attachments including the contract in case the total contract amount, deposit, balance, and any other previous payments need to be referenced.

Clicking the payment method will open a window to initiate a new transaction.

To run a test capture the following credit card information can be used:

Card Number: 4111-1111-1111-1111
Cardholder Name: Johnny Test
Cardholder Zip: 12345
Expiration Date: Any future date

For Additional Details

Check out our How To page for step by step instructions on Secure Payment Captures’ integration setup and contract setup.

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