3 Reasons Why “Please Sign Here,” Carries More Value When You Send Digitally

Digital Signatures Propel Business Growth & Align with Today’s Buying Behaviors

Do you know what the average savings are per document when you use a digital signature? It’s $20 per document, 22,000 hours saved annually, and the traditional handwritten paper signature takes 5 days to obtain the signed document vs 37 minutes with a digital signature (LunarPen 2020). The ease of use of digital documents and signatures far outweighs the experience of having to sign traditionally. Here are three reasons why asking customers to sign digitally carries more value than signing in person and why home service contractors are using Leap to do so.  

Shorten the In-Home Sales Process 

  • Save time by not having to drive back out to the customer to get the signature.  
  • Shorten your sales process by not having to wait for customers to sign.  
  • Get your customer’s project through to production faster.

Achieve Higher Close Rates  

  • Digital Signatures enable your sales team to handle more sales calls per day due to streamlined functionality and added efficiency. 
  • No more printing, scanning, or waiting for snail mail.  
  • Digital Signatures enable your clients to digitally sign the contract, saving money on gas especially if you have two homeowners in various locations needing to sign.

Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Create a seamless buying experience for homeowners by offering secure digital signatures.  
  • Homeowners expect contractors to provide digital documents that can be signed securely.  
  • Sharing documents and getting signatures digitally makes it more convenient for homeowners. Now they don’t have to change their schedule to be home to sign. 

Leap Secure Sign: Build a Stronger Digital Sales System  

Leap has recently added a new enhancement, Leap Secure Sign. This new enhancement ensures contractors can securely and seamlessly share documents during the sales process. Leap integrates and partners with top software within the home improvement industry, giving customers a customized software ecosystem that makes sales and production processes stronger. Leap Secure Sign makes it easier for Leap customers to start getting signatures digitally without the need to sign up for a new service.  

This new feature is part of Leap continuing to innovate for our customers. Homeowners expect contractors to provide digital documents that can be signed securely. Leap Secure Sign fills that need and saves them time, hassle and money,” says Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap.

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How does it work?  

  • Using Leap Secure Sign is as simple as generating a contract and hitting the sign button. 
  • There will be a Leap Secure Sign button on the bottom right of each Signature Capture.
  • This allows individual signatures to be sent via Leap Secure Sign to different email addresses.  
  • This also provides the ability to sign a signature directly on the iPad and sign a signature with Leap Secure Sign on the same document. (Example: The main signer is available to sign in person, but the cosigner is not.)

About Leap 

Leap is a subscription-based software that home service contractors use to digitize their business, including digital contracts, estimates, documents, financing, and more. Integrating with top home improvement software, Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process and brings together everything in one place.

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