The Leap Team & Partners Are Passionate About Bringing Technology to Under-Served Youth

This year, Leap and the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore came together to bring technology to under-served youth through a series of fundraising events held by Leap. These family friendly fundraising events included a car wash, lemonade stand, and partner outreach. 

Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore 

The Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore “Ensures every child has access to a great future by providing caring mentors, a safe environment, high-quality programs, and unique experiences.” In 6 clubs, 650 plus children and 53,750 plus healthy meals are served annually. Not only do they serve the community, but they also offer educational after-school programs in a safe environment. Leap is happy to partner with the Boys and Girls Club to help support their mission.  

Thank You to the Tech for Tots Sponsors 

Thanks to our Tech for Tots Sponsors: RoofScopeEnerBankJobNimbus, & CompanyCam and the donations collected from the fundraising events, Leap was able to gift the Boys and Girls Club a MacBook Pro, Editing Software for Podcasts, 8 Chromebooks, Charger Station Strips, PC Desktop with Gaming and Coding Capabilities, and 2 mobile microphones. Additionally, Will Patch, Director of IT & DevOps, dressed up as Santa and delivered over 40 STEM toys. 

Kate Ratcliffe, Leap Marketing Manager said, “The kids were so excited! One child ran right up to Santa and gave Will a big hug. Patrick, Leap CEO, talked to the kids about what they want to be when they grow up and all the job opportunities in the technology space. Each child was called up in order of age, and Santa asked what they wanted this year. Then Santa’s Elves helped the kids pick up an early Christmas present. The kids could choose from a bunch of items including legos, geode kits, toy rocks and even a microphone!” 

Leaping Over the Digital Divide 

Leap is transforming how the home improvement industry adopts and uses technology and empowers home remodelers to digitize their business processes. Now, Leap is taking their relationship with the Boys & Girls Club to the next level by empowering local youth through education and access to technology. 

It’s no secret that there is a digital divide for Baltimore’s youth. At Leap, we also recognize that some children may never get their hands on certain types of technology. It’s our mission to empower and educate the local youth to use and have access to technology to help them grow and make their lives better.  

If you’d like to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore, you can visit their webpage here 

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