[Video] Sales Training on Conducting a Virtual Demo

Digital Documents & Secure Payment Processing

We had two of our colleagues conduct a sales training workshop for home services contractors in order to demonstrate the ease of a virtual sale to homeowners.


  • Digital Documentation: Digital Sales Presentations, Promotional Flyers, Digital Contracts, and Price Guarantee / Testimonials.
  • Digital Price Guide: Give your customers the price on-demand and avoid lost sales. Set limits on discounts – control your margins and profitability!
  • Financing Options with Immediate Answers: Provide financing options and finance partners digitally for your sales team to share with the homeowner on the spot.
  • Secure Payment Capture & Digital Signature: Be able to request payment and signatures remotely through an integration like DocuSign.

For Additional Details

To find out more information on how taking the leap to digital will benefit your business, click the link. https://leaptodigital.com/demo/

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