Top Take-a-ways from FAST Remodeler Live! 

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fast remodeler live recap

Top Take-a-ways from FAST Remodeler Live! 

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At the bar
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On the call during the Leap talk
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Patrick giving a talk
Leap talking to the group
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See What the Speakers, Partners, and Customers Had to Say at Qualified Remodeler’s 1st Ever Systems & Technology Event for the Remodeling Industry

Patrick Fingles, Chief Operating Officer, of Leap and Nu Look Home Design 

Patrick kicked off the FAST Remodeler Live event and gave a great presentation where he opened with this problem [2272.5 / 25.25 + 10]. He gave away $100 to the first person who could solve it. Most people reached for their cell phone or calculator to figure it out.

His point was that when you see a problem clearly and know the right tool/software to solve it, you use it instantly and reap the reward. However, most business problems are not this clear, they’re blurry (thus the shirt he wore). They require you to know your business, explore solutions, and leverage the appropriate tool.

He also talked about knowing the importance of operating states and understanding which one your business is in.

Patrick Fingles

Amy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, Tundraland Home Improvements 

Amy said one of her main frustrations with implementing technology in her business is the recurring charges. She fears that the company is not getting the full value of each software they use.

Amy suggests to inspect what you expect, lay out your customer journey and see where you have a need for software, check in with your software providers to see if they have any new products or services (Is there overlap between two providers?), and use software to its fullest potential.

Amy Zimmerman

Michael Anschel, Principal, OA Design Build Architecture  

Michael said as owners, you may sense fear and trepidation from your team when you get back from a technology event. To help empower your employees and get them excited as you are, he suggests to find the pain points in your sales process, find a dedicated person to know your tech stack, and bridge the gap between employees who will be using the software every day and leadership.

Michael Anschel

Tim Wenhold, Chief Operating Officer, Power Home Remodeling 

One of Tim’s biggest takeaways was, “If you have good technology with great people, you will succeed.” He went on to talk about the importance of investing in your people alongside technology because they are the ones that will be managing and using it every day. Tim had other great advice such as to expect, build and scale for constant change, nothing happens without great people, build trust and adoption through transparency and empowerment, and tap into the motivations of your team to get them to see the vision of your company.

Tim Wenhold

See Why Homefix Custom Remodeling Loves Leap 

In between presentations at the event, Adam Shampaine, CEO of Homefix & Leap Advisory Board Member, met up with us during the event. Check out what he has to say about using Leap in his sales process below!

Empowering Contractors

“We were so excited to have the first ever conference of this kind in our home, Baltimore. With that, we wanted to make sure that attendees, sponsors and speakers felt welcomed in Charm City. We organized a welcome reception, Welcome on the Waterfront, with the help of friends and partners, G4, Ingage, Dividend, EverConnect and GTR

Leap wants to empower contractors, that is everything to us, so connecting the dots with partnerships like these for our customers is imperative. It was awesome to see all the partners and attendees connecting, laughing and enjoying time together before the conference even started, it was beautiful!”

Kate Ratcliffe

Kate Ratcliffe

partnerships marketing manager

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Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

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