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If you’re looking for downloadable content to help you grow your business, you’re in the right place! Our free resources show you how thousands of top home services contractors are using Leap to why Leap is preferred sales software of choice. These downloadable resources will help you discover strategies to improve your sales process and increase your revenue. You will walk away with actionable ideas to transform your sales process!

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Leap is transforming the Home Services Industry

When using Leap, your sales reps have all resources needed at their fingertips that allow them to go from an in-person selling process, to a complete virtual sales process through screen share applications such as Zoom and other platforms.

Sales reps are able to walk homeowners through the sales process step-by-step, instilling trust and transparency throughout the entire sales process, while having the ability to keep themselves and homeowner’s safe. From estimates to financing, reps are able to use secure payment capture and an optional integration with DocuSign to get signatures at the point of sale. Start to finish, Leap is the software of choice used by top home service contractors in the US and Canada. It’s a total game-changer! ​ 

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