May 13, 2020
By Andrew Smith

[Video] 5 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes Contractors Should Avoid

Leap & Webrunner know that mistakes in this business can be extremely costly. In this webinar we discuss some of the top marketing and sales mistakes that contractors can and should avoid.

In addition, this webinar features Daniel Young, CEO and Founder of Kingdom Roofing Systems, in which he walks you through his journey and gives a first-hand account of the growing pains he has gone through to achieve the success he has today.


  • Don’t be one dimensional – “Drive for show, putt for dough”
  • Measure what matters – Vanity metrics vs. Take it to the bank
  • Work in and on your business
  • Industry leaders Kingdom Roofing used to build their business
  • “How to take an apple and create an orchard”
  • How to lower employee turnover
  • Building a business that works for you
  • And much more… clearly more than just sales and marketing mistakes!

Meet the Speakers:

Daniel Young 
CEO & Founder of Kingdom Roofing Systems 

Daniel comes from a multi-generational lineage of Construction with a 15-year professional history as a CEO in the trades. Daniel sees business as an opportunity to live out his faith in the marketplace, offer jobs to those he loves, and give back to those in need. Throughout his career, Daniel has obtained many of the most Elite industry-specific licenses, certifications, and awards setting him apart from most contractors. 

Marc Levesque 
Co-founder & Managing Director of Webrunner Media

Marc is the Co-founder of Webrunner Media, a marketing company that helps contractors across North America acquire customers more profitably and predictably. He’s a firm believer that nothing great gets built alone. At Webrunner, Marc oversees agency strategy, manages business development efforts, and is focused on building a winning team of savvy marketers who stop at nothing to get measurable results for their clients.   

Farith Odar 
Sales Manager at Leap

Farith is the Sales Manager at Leap, overseeing all stages of the sales process from lead conversion to implementation, execution, and adoption of the Leap platform. Prior to Leap, Farith worked in both sales and marketing for an exterior home remodeling company and was instrumental in their migration to a digital sales platform. 

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