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Three Reasons Window Contractors Use Financing Software

Finances are tight in 2022 and homeowners are very price conscious as they tackle projects this winter. According to Florida Window & Door, over 80% of their customers “require some type of financing to complete their project.” Offering affordable payment options empowers homeowners and helps you close more deals. It’s a win-win to use financing software

By Danielle Basch

How ABC Seamless Generates Accurate & Precise Proposals with Leap

ABC Seamless franchisees like Larry Tyler used to run leads with a labor and time intensive paper sales process. After spending too much time fixing mistakes and errors on paper proposals, this Sales Director for ABC Seamless of Nebraska started to look for a tool that saves time, improves customer experience, and closes bigger deals. 

By Danielle Basch

Three Ways Contractors Complete Storm Restoration Roofing Jobs Faster

Homeowners impacted by hurricanes, wind and storm damage rely on roofing companies after weather events to get their roofs checked for damage as fast as possible. Moving faster often means more mistakes. Your sales reps in the field are moving quickly after a storm. So how can your roofing company deliver accurate pricing, trustworthy customer

By Danielle Basch

5 Brilliant Ways to Shorten the Sales Cycle According to Home Improvement Tech Experts

Need a tech stack for your next interior or exterior remodel job? Here are 5 reasons you should implement technology at every touchpoint that’s proven to shorten your sales cycle, improve efficiency, and get higher margins on deals. Home Improvement Industry experts came together to talk about how technology shortens the time from when a homeowner

By Danielle Basch

How to “Backfill” Your Position as a Business Owner | The Wealthy Contractor  

Working in the business versus working on the business. Recently, Leap CEO Patrick Fingles was interviewed on The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, hosted by Brian Kaskavalciyan with gFOUR Marketing. In this episode Brian and Patrick talk about the reality of going into business for yourself. “For the most part, from my experience, it’s really all about

By Danielle Basch

How to Eliminate Annoying Tasks with Revenue-Driving Automations

Have you recently noticed the way you’ve always done things isn’t really working anymore? Moving away from paper contracts, carbon copies, credit card authorization forms, whiteboard notes, and manila folders to more automated processes that drive revenue can be scary for someone who is not tech-savvy. If you’re still quoting, measuring, inspecting, and billing manually

By Danielle Basch

Leap and JobProgress Come Together as #oneteam at Leap’s 2022 Summer Summit

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” A few days ago, the Leap and JobProgress team came together as #oneteam at the Leap headquarters for the 2022 Summer Summit in Columbia, MD.Culture isn’t just photos of employees in their Leap shirt, it’s the fabric that

By Danielle Basch

East Coast Roofing’s Foundation for Sales Success

East Cost Roofing was started in 1979 with “a pocketful of change and a prayer” by Larry Styler. In 2016 Jeff Kay started as CEO and implemented Leap to take the business from a “Chuck with a truck” to an enterprise level company. From 1979 to today, their mission remains the same; to make a

By Danielle Basch

Leap Makes the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies for Third Straight Year

In the evolving home improvement industry, Leap fuels company growth by helping contractors improve their sales processes and drive tangible ROI. With three-year revenue growth of over 281%, Leap continues to be one of the fastest growing private companies and ranks 2123 on Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. Leap

By Danielle Basch

Window Nation’s Aaron Magden Shares 6 Tips to Scaling an Enterprise Window Company

The CEO of the largest non-franchise window retailer offers his insight into sales training, flexibility with homeowners, the importance of duplication in your sales processes and more.  “Window Nation has been in business since 2006. We are the largest non-franchise window retailer in the country. We’re in 18 markets across the Midwest, MidAtlantic and East Coast,”

By Danielle Basch