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2 Decades of Experience to Exceed Revenue Goals

The success of any organization lies in its leadership. In their ability to motivate, train, and bring together a team and inspire individuals to generate peak performance results. In their commitment

By Andrew Smith

The Sales Team Blueprint | with Chuck Thokey

Episode 24: The Sales Team Blueprint In this episode, I’m joined by Chuck Thokey, VP of Sales at American WeatherTechs and a sales and marketing coach, author, mentor, and keynote

By Andrew Smith

How to Transition to Offering Financing

Listen in as Ted Drost of Dividend Finance de-mystifies the common misconceptions many home improvement contractors believe about offering their customers financing options. We fear that which we do not understand.  If you are one of

By Andrew Smith

What do you (think you) sell?

You only get one chance at a first impression. Contractors that effectively convey their company’s value stand out from the crowd and win more homeowner business time and time again.   Today’s

By Andrew Smith

The 10 Digital Must-Haves For Contractors

Watch on-demand as Steve talks us through ten digital must-haves for contractors to stand out among the rest.   Complete the form below to watch on-demand: “Where is your ladder?” is a question

By Andrew Smith