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Pandemic Signals the End of Pen-and-paper Signatures

The remodeling and home services industry has adapted very quickly to virtual meeting tools like Zoom. At the same, time the eSignature business is also booming because homeowners expect an easy way to do paperwork in a touchless manner. One of the leading providers of electronic document signing is DocuSign, which has grown to a

By Shashi Bellamkonda

[On Demand] Accurate Measurements & Efficient Sales Using EagleView and Leap 

As leading providers of high-resolution aerial imagery and a world-class digital sales platform, EagleView and Leap are ready to help you make the most of your time in front of the homeowner. Watch on-demand at your convenience to learn how these platforms give you the tools you need in this digital age. Click here to

By Andrew Smith

[Podcast] From Top Sales Rep to Tech Founder | A Conversation with Steve Stencil

Episode 3: Founder Steve Stencil Tom welcomes Leap Founder Steve Stencil to the show to talk about how the skills he developed early in his career helped spark an idea in creating Leap as the first-ever end-to-end point of sale application. He also discusses the meaning behind the development of the name Leap and how

By Andrew Smith

[Video] Aligning Sales and Marketing for Success!

Do you ever take your marketing manager on sales calls or out on projects with your installation crew? Heidi and Karen may have a few ideas for you!  Successful marketing plans aren’t developed in isolation, they require collaboration across sales and operations to see the greatest results.  Heidi Ellsworth and Karen Edwards have been helping business owners build results-oriented marketing strategies for years –

By Andrew Smith

[On Demand] Technology Enhancements For Your Contracting Business

Despite the pandemic, the home improvement industry is doing well. CNN calls it “The nesting economy” as Americans continue to work from home and want to upgrade their homes.   At Leap, we have helped our contractors scale and adapt to the new normal – one that involves a different kind of home visit. A visit where a lot of work

By Andrew Smith

[On Demand] 3 Core Technologies for Your Home Improvement Business

Get actionable insights from tech companies that are helping contracting companies beat their targets despite the situation. From customer relationship management (CRM) to remote measurements, and closing the loop with a digital sales process. Click here to watch on-demand! The home improvement industry has been lagging in the area of adopting technology, and prior to

By Andrew Smith

[Podcast] The Best Companies Train Their Employees Well – Daniel Young

Episode 2: Daniel Young, CEO of Kingdom Roofing Systems Tom Basch speaks with Daniel Young, CEO and Founder of Kingdom Roofing Systems about how through years of trial and effort, Daniel has found a winning solution of industry-leading coaching, training, and technology, and how faith has helped shape the evolution of the Kingdom brand. The

By Shashi Bellamkonda