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Strategy to make homeowners choose you

We know that mistakes in this business can be extremely costly. That’s why we are hosting a webinar discussing some of the top marketing and sales mistakes that contractors can

By Shashi Bellamkonda

[Webinar] The New Normal: A Live Panel Discussion

Check out the on-demand webinar! How are you handling the return to normal in your company? What changes are you seeing in homeowner expectations? What industry trends are you finding

By Andrew Smith

Leap CEO, Patrick Fingles, Live on Cheddar!

What should customers expect from their contractors during a time like this? Can they expect anything?! Scroll down to hear Pat’s answer and how the home improvement industry has changed

By Andrew Smith

[Video] Leadership Webinar with John Eades

Check out the on-demand webinar! About the Speaker: John Eades is the author of “Building the Best” and is the host of the “Follow My Lead” podcast. He writes for

By Andrew Smith